Street Beggars Abusing And Exploiting Mother Dogs For Profit Arrested

Rescue actually means being familiar with all “faces” of society. When it comes to politics, economy, social issues, immigration, courts, police work, you name it, rescuers – whether they like it or not, are obliged to know the basics, because they needs it (well, animals need it, so we need it too).


These past couple of days was far from the typical weekend for the SPAZ volunteers, who spent a total of 10 hours between the streets, the police station, the DA’s office, the vet clinic and the dog pension.


SPAZ is a local charity, based in a southern suburb of Athens, Glyfada. And Glyfada, according to wikipedia is something like the Greek Hamptons. It is considered rich, upper class and fancy. And yet, on the central street, right among the expensive stores, two immigrant beggars were using mother dogs and the puppies to get money, while at the same time they were illegally offering their puppies for sale.

The beggar putting the puppies inside the box

The charity’s volunteers had been informed about them, and yesterday, the police was called on one of them. The mother dog appears to be a Mastiff – Pit Bull mix, and according to witnesses, she was constantly beaten by her owner, every time she attempted to even move. After many hours at the police station, the mother and the puppies were removed from his care with a court order, and are now under the charity’s care.

The mother at the vet clinic

Unfortunately the puppies don’t seem to be in good health. The mother is an amazing dog, very compliant and friendly. She spent all night at the police station, without making a sound, and was very cooperative at the vet clinic today. She has been through so much, and yet she is a gentle and as polite as a dog can be.


Today was the second chapter of the SPAZ volunteers’ busy weekend, as yet another immigrant beggar was reported, for exploiting a Chiouaoua mother dog and her two puppies. More hours at the police station, more court orders, more waiting, more visits to the vet.


All five dogs are looking for their forever homes, and the volunteers will do their best to help them have the life they deserve. Both men will be tried on Monday for illegal dog trade. Unfortunately, Greece is a country where many things go unpunished, unless a citizen is determined to spend an entire afternoon at a police station, and SPAZ is asking civilians to take action, and report cases of illegal pet trade and abuse.


If you wish to adopt one of the dogs rescued this weekend, please contact SPAZ at: or message their Facebook page. The charity is based entirely on volunteer work and donations, so if you wish to help, you can so via PayPal or bank transfer. Thank you.


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2 thoughts on “Street Beggars Abusing And Exploiting Mother Dogs For Profit Arrested”

  1. Please tell us what are the legal steps we should take ., if we come across dogs being abused in this way ?

    1. Call the police and insist that they come. For the dogs to be removed form the owners, there has to be a DA approval that might take a day or two. And then the dogs have to be placed somewhere – usually people call the local charity.

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