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Greek Dogs And Cats On “Death Row”

Greek animal welfare is no-kill. The way things usually work here is: you rescue a stray, you treat it and  you place it in a foster home or a shelter until a forever home comes along – “until” meaning keeping it safe, healthy, well fed and taken care of for months, years or even its entire life.

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Killer Rottweilers On Death Row Up For Adoption

Killer Rottweilers are up for adoption by the public shelter that took them in about a month ago, after two of them attacked and killed a five year old boy. The incident happened on May 1, Easter day in Greece. The boy and his family were visiting a friend’s house, the boy was left unattended for a while, and a few minutes later he was beaten to death by two out of the eight dogs that lived in the property. The owner was arrested, all eight dogs were removed from him, were placed in a public shelter and were given less than a month to be adopted until they are put down. The deadline is in two days, May 25. Continue reading Killer Rottweilers On Death Row Up For Adoption