Taking A Special Dog Home | Vlog #5

Vlogging is not really my style. I guess it fits better a 20 years old youtuber presenting her weekend at the Marina Bay Hotel in Singapore (or something like that).

But a vlog is the best way to bring all of you closer to our life as rescuers (I don’t really have the guts to go live, so…). I came back a few hours ago from an adoption we didn’t expect, and I wanted you to see what our day was like today. Casper was abandoned in May 2017 (about 2 months ago), tied in a SCARS volunteer’s front gate, matted, neglected and confused, with a note that said “My name is Snoopy. My mum died – she was 80 years old. I am old too. Help me have a good old age”.

He is a senior, he suffers from Cushing’s disease and the chances of him being rehomed were slim to none. But we gave it a try, and… Terhi is a gorgeous, young Finish girl living in Greece, and after seeing Casper’s video, she decided to give him a home. Today Casper’s life started again. Because it is never too late, not even for an elderly dog like him.

Big thanks to Frieden für Pfoten for always being there for the SCARS rescues.

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