The Dog That Was Returned

I was very angry when Christie was returned – if you have seen the video about her being returned, you know what I mean. And I felt 100% responsible for everything.

For not making the right choice, for taking her off the place she grew up in and showing her what life is in a home, for not insisting more that the first family provided her with some things I knew she needed. They called me one day, complaining, and brought her back to me the next day, with a fancy blanket and a ridiculously expensive dog food.

They were bragging about how much they spoilt her – well, I would have been happy knowing that she would feed off leftovers for some months, as long as they saved money for a f@#^$# crate and some training lessons. We always seem to forget about our dogs’ mental and psychological health, and never consider spending money on some training lessons – as if the expensive food and the fancy colored blanket can fix a dog’s fears and anxieties.

Whatever. Christie has changed four different homes in the past four months, and for a dog as fragile and as desperate for stability as she is, what happened to her was too much. I haven’t been perfect with her either, due to lack of time and knowledge. I learned with her – she showed me what she needed, and the second time around I could provide her with what she had been asking for since day one. Our trip to Austria could not have gone better. For the first time in her life, she was introduced to her new home the right way, without any pressure and without having someone on top of her head forcing her to come out of her shell before she feels comfortable enough to do so. She is finally where she belongs – and she is as calm as she had even been in her life. And starting a new life with calmness is the best thing in dog adoption.

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One thought on “The Dog That Was Returned”

  1. I m very disturbed why people would do harm to any animal. You seem to have so much compassion and patience with the dog in video your voice is very soothing. Jus wanted u to no I luv animals especially cats I already contribute 2 Aspca and conn humane society I’m not rich but at 1 time I had 11 cats 10 of them were rescues from my backyard all were spayed neutered out of my own I keep u n rescue in my prayers

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