The Dog We Rescued For You

This is a love story really. I thought it was every time I was seeing the two of them together, but now, after watching the footage again and editing the video, I am convinced.

And like all love stories, they might not come at a perfect timing, but if you surrender to them, you realizing that timing is something you can make to be perfect, if you really want to.


Gaia and her family had adopted Jade from Greece, a dog that was so brutally abused that it took a long time for her to recover, physically and mentally. We had never met in person, but  we did talk online a lot. She had been following the Greek rescue stories for a while, and she decided to come spend two weeks here with us.

Nikli and his rescuer, Zaira.

She stayed at Zaira’s place, Jade’s foster mum, lived with Nikli who was rescued the very same day she arrived to Athens, and was there by his side for the first, and most important, days of his new life as a rescue dog.


They were perfect together, and Gaia was the first person Nikli walked with, played with, ran and had fun with. I didn’t realize back then that those two were made for each other, I would just film them together, because they looked so good next to each other that it was as if my camera couldn’t help it.

A huge thanks to all the family, Gaia’s mum, dad and brother – this video was kind of like my birthday present for Gaia, but it IS dedicated to all of you.

Nikli’s comanion on the streets is my foster girl Bonnie, and she is still looking for a forever home. You can watch her story here.

To learn more about the place where Nikli came from, you can watch this video.

You can watch Jade’s story here.

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