Three Month Old Puppy Ran Over On Purpose Is Now Looking For A Forever Home

Three months old, that how old Cindy was when she was ran over by a car on purpose and left on the side of the road to suffer. She was one of the thousands, maybe millions of puppies in Greece that are born on the streets, or end up there once their mother’s owner is fed up and wants to get rid of them.


It was on a Saturday afternoon, in the Greek town of Nafplion, when Stelios Kyriakou, a local rescuer received a phone call. On the other end of the line, a screaming woman was trying to explain to him what had just happened.

Shelios arrived at the scene to find Cindy bleeding in the woman’s car. On their way to the clinic, she explained how the driver of the car in front of her saw Cindy walking on the side of the road, targeted her, accelerated, ran her over and left. On purpose.

Cindy and her foster mum, Linda.

You might think that he was some kind of monster, but he is not the only one. Cats are being ran over every single day here on purpose, and the only reason why dogs are usually spared, is that their size makes it more possible to damage the cars. But Cindy was just a tiny 5 kilo puppy, so the car was left unharmed, and she was left with two broken legs and her spirit crushed.

Cindy is allowed to take short, 5-minute walks in the garden, but spends most of the day in her crate.

Her rescuer’s post is devastating, and I am translating it as it is. In just a few lines, he manages to paint a pretty good picture of what is really the problem with us Greeks. It is as bitter and as true as can be:

“It’s not your fault, dear driver. It’s your mum’s fault, because she chose your dad out of a flea market’s basket, for having a nice car and a six pack; because she didn’t care if instead of a brain, his head was filled with feces making him unable to raise a child. It’s your dad’s fault for not having safe sex, trying to please his mother who always wanted a grandson. It’s your teacher’s fault, because her only concern when the schools opened, was to plan her next vacation, so she had no time to help you become a responsible human being. It the Ministry of Transport’s fault, for giving you a driver’s license, without obliging you to take a psychometric test; it’s the municipality’s fault, for not standing by the volunteers who need help with TNR, so that the stray population is controlled. It’s the police’s fault, for not fining the owner who bred his dog and abandoned Cindy on the street. Dear driver, it’s everyone’s fault but yours.”

Cindy in her foster home

Cindy was operated on both legs, and is now in the foster care of Linda, who is doing her best to help Cindy recover and at the same time satisfy her puppy needs. If you know anything about puppies, you can understand how hard it is for a three month old baby to stay confined in a crate 24/7 until her bones heal, when all she wants to do is run around and play all day.

I met Cindy on my last visit to Linda’s place about two weeks ago, and I fell in love. She looks like a funny, tiny, curious German Shepherd mix, that someone shrank so that she looks more adorable. Her ridiculously gorgeous ears makes you hope that she never grown into them, and despite everything she has been through, she is one funny, happy puppy.
If you wish to help with Cindy’s medical expenses, please message her rescuer. If you wish to adopt her, you can email her foster mum at:

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