Tiniest Rescue Puppies – The “Aww” Post

Tiniest puppies would mean that they are the size of a teacup, and that they fit perfectly into you palm. Well, these guys actually do!

L’état, C’est Moi! / Save a Greek Stray

I mainly foster and train adult dogs, and you may have realized that I am not really a puppy person – so, if I am saying that those five are THE CUTEST thing I have ever seen in years, you just have to take my word for it!

Morning! / Save a Greek Stray

They are five, all boys, and were rescued by Save a Greek Stray, along with their mum from a mountain near Athens, Greece. Hunting dogs of course – who suffer neglect, abandonment, and abuse more than any other, and ridiculously adorable!

I told you they were small! You didn’t believe me, did you? / Save a Greek Stray

They were rescued when they were about one and a half month old, but unfortunately, I met them just today, and they have already gained weight in those two weeks – meaning that they are not the size of a teacup anymore, but that of a small shoe.

zzz? /Save a Greek Stray

This is mainly a “teaser” post for tomorrow’s video, which will be all about them. For now I am leaving with the sensation of imagining them five sleeping on my lap for about an hour – I had the ultimate “aww” moment today, and I just needed to share it!

Seek and destroy / Save a Greek Stray

If you wish to donate to the Save a Greek Stray shelter for their amazing work, it will be money well spent! (PayPal: info@saveagreekstray.com) Visit the organization’s Facebook page for more updates on the little monsters!

Chewed my shoe, licked my hair, fell asleep on my lap/ Save a Greek Stray

Video as promised!

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