Tiny Dog Ran Over And Abandoned On The Side Of The Road

Tiny dogs like Dimis are so vulnerable. Trapped in a world too big for them, the dangers that every stray dog faces out there are doubled when you see them through their tiny eyes.

Everything is too big and too dangerous. The cars are too big, the roads are too big, the damages that a hit and run can cause them are too big.


Dimis weighs only 5-6 kilos. Instead of being spoilt in a home of his own, he was simply one of the unlucky ones  and was born on the streets. He was hit by a car in  a village of central Greece and was just left there, on the side of the road, to die a slow, painful death.


People here in Greece are so weird. It’s not always that they don’t care. Sometimes they look like they do. Sometimes you hear stories about how they came across a sick dog and how sad they were. And after the sadness they experienced (it’s all about them), comes a full stop, and the story ends there.

Dimis weighs only 5-6 kilos

It’s as if they dοn’t realize that there are actually other options, apart from just feeling sorry for the dogs. I mean, putting it in the car and driving to a vet clinic is like suggesting them to take a trip to Mars or something. Anyway.


So Dimis strayed there, on the side of the road, desperate, alone, dehydrated and in pain for who knows how long. Until the local charity was called – and the local charity is nothing really. I mean, this is Greece. The local charity (like all charities) is formed by people like you and I, who have a family, work, take their kids to school etc, and on the side they volunteer.


He suffers from multiple fractures and possibly a bladder rupture. He needs to be operated and the surgery will cost about 500 euros. It might seem like a small amount, but it is almost as much as the basic salary is in Greece. No joke. And as I said before, the people who form the local charity are volunteers. All of them. And all of us volunteers is all charities, unless the funds are raised, we pay for everything ourselves.


The rescue group is asking for donations, and I am asking too, on their behalf. If you wish to help them you can do so via PayPal or bank transfer. You can visit his entire album here.

Association ” Rescue – Diasozo”
Court num. 16/2016
Piraeus Bank
Beneficiary Name: ” Rescue – Diasozo ”
No. Acc. 6244 1391 89 068
IBAN: GR 11 0171 2440 0062 4413 9189 068
PAYPAL: Greekanimalrescuer@gmail.com

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