Types Of Rescue Dogs – A Rescuer’s Perception Of What People Will See In Them

Types of rescue dogs can range from the most expensive breeds  money can buy to ..well, you can imagine what’s on the other side of the scale. This is not a post about the actual value of a rescue – to us rescuers, they all have the same value and it is not measured in money.

the six types below have nothing to do with what we think of them

This is about the thoughts in a dog rescuer’s mind, every time a new dog comes along – and the six types below have nothing to do with what we think of them, but with what most people will. And trust me, based on my short term experience, these six types do exist, and all we can do is simply our best to turn things around in the future.

The ultimate “please make the phone stop ringing” rescue – Fluffy, rescued by SCARS.
1  The “please someone make the phone stop ringing” rescue dog

It is the type of dog that makes volunteers fight about whose number will be in the adoption ad, because we know for a fact that the phone will not stop ringing. It is the purebred Pedigree one, the white, small sized, fluffy one, generally the dog that will make so many people have an “aww” moment and desperately want to make the dog theirs, that makes you wonder: where were all you yesterday? How did we not realize that there are so many available homes out there? The “please make the phone stop ringing” rescue dog is one very difficult dog to rehome, basically because most people focus on its face and nothing else, which makes them…not the best candidates, to say the least.

The “best selling” Petra, still waiting at the shelter, a year and a half after her rescue/ Save a Greek Stray
2 The “best seller” rescue dog

This is the rescue dog that will have jaw dropping before -after posts. An emaciated, “turned to stone” from mange or severely abused blockbuster, whose shares and likes will rise sky high, making people cry and call us rescuers “angels on earth”. For every update on the “best seller” rescue dog, the post reach will go crazy, but once the dog is cured and its adoption album pops up, the phone will not ring once. People love sharing heartbreaking awe-inspiring rescues, but when it comes to bringing such a dog home, they will go for a healthier one. Spam comments like “I would have adopted her if I could” come in per hundreds, but actual adoption interest is zero.

For number 3 – “we’re stuck with them forever” type, take a look at some of the Save a Greek Stray shelter babies. Did you notice anything interesting about the size and color?
3 The “we’re stuck with him forever” rescue dog

This is a dog that is always a mix breed, usually brown, or black, or brown and black. Medium size, medium weight, medium background (not really abused, not very sick), medium behavior(not very active, not very calm, not too friendly nor fearful). The “we’re stuck with him forever” rescue dog is the one that will never catch the eye. Even for people who come to a shelter and say: “show me your less adoptable one”, this dog is not that appealing, because it is just a dog. It is one of the most difficult dogs to rehome – and my personal favorite.

Catrin is the perfect example of “if only you met her” type of dog. She made her parents fall in live with her in an adoption day, and has even made friends of the guys get a bit jealous of the amazing bond she shares with the two of them. /SCARS
4 The “if only you met him” rescue dog

The dog whose appearance is mediocre according to the majority’s standards and is never photogenic enough to even get a couple of shares. However, it is one of the dogs that will make your heart melt once you meet them, and then you will actually believe in love at first sight. I always take these dogs with me whenever there is an adoption day, and it only takes a few minutes until people start gathering around us, looking at my rescue as if it’s Mona Lisa. It is the dog whose photo will never be shared enough, no matter how much we keep writing about its perfect idiosyncrasy, because its awesomeness only reveals itself when you meet the animal in person.

Leading in number 5: my Kallie, whose kind manners and wet eyes made people fall in love with her. Her separation anxiety issues had her trash about 4 different foster homes – including mine /Rescued by ZEIL
5 The “wolf in sheep’s skin” rescue dog

The “wolf in sheep’s skin” rescue dog, is the one that is extremely photogenic and appears to be of an incredible character BUT hides a behavioral problem underneath that sweet, loving animal you think you see. One of my fosters was exactly that, Kallie. Sweet, friendly, adorable, trainable, always looking at the camera with her beautiful, wet eyes making people call like crazy and asking to adopt her. But Kallie was one difficult dog to handle, because once you left the house and shut the door behind you, that perfect dog you thought she was, would start crying and barking like crazy, trashing the house, peeing and pooping on the floor, the bed, the couch etc. Dealing with Kallie’s separation anxiety was one of my most difficult tasks, and finding the right home for her was a headache, basically because most people would not believe me- “wolf in sheep’s skin” remember? Fortunately one amazing man came along, adored her and proved more than willing to work with her issues. Kallie is being crate trained and the guy turned his whole life around, in order to do the best he could to help her have a normal life, and for that I owe him big time!

Pela – number 6 for me!
6 The “I will become a hoarder” rescue dog

This type of rescue dog differs according to each rescuer’s taste in dogs. It is the type of dog that fits you perfectly, and once you rescue him, you simply can’t imagine your life without him. You think it’s too perfect to give away to any home but yours. For me, this dog is Pela. There is nothing special about her I guess, but for me she is more than perfect and the reason why I insist on keeping her with me and not promoting her for adoption is pure and simple egoism. I want her for myself! (There, I finally admitted it!)


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