Where Do All The Unwanted Greek Puppies Come From?

First of all, you have to realize how many unwanted puppies there are. Well, I am not sure you can realize it, because they are so many that you can’t possibly grasp the numbers unless you are an astrophysicist and can think in zillions.

The unwanted, abandoned puppies in Greece are actually zillions, but most of them don’t even make it to puberty. They are disposed off in all kinds of original ways, including:

1. Being shoved in plastic bags and drowned alive
2. Being shoved in plastic bags and thrown in the garbage (alive)
3. Being abandoned on the mountains, where they starve to death or are eaten by foxes, jackals etc.
4. Being abandoned on the streets, where they are run over by cars.
5. Being abandoned outside volunteer’s or shelters’ front gates, where they are taken in even if there is no place in the shelter to place a grain of sand, let alone a litter of 5-6 puppies.

Ah, before I get to the point, which is where do they all come from, one last thing: The ones you see in shelters, in my blogposts and videos are maybe only a 10% of all the puppies abandoned every day on the streets of Greece. Because only a 10% is lucky enough to be rescued.

Now, where do they come from? They come from a few decades ago. They come from a mentality and a society trapped somewhere in the 1950s. They come from people who have a bitch who gives birth every six months, and the only solution for the owner is to get rid of the offsprings, because…what else is there to do?

The Greek countryside is bleeding. It is bleeding animal cruelty, barrel dogs and abandoned puppies

The Greek countryside is bleeding. It is bleeding animal cruelty, barrel dogs and abandoned puppies. All stray dogs in Greece come from pet dogs. Well, pet dog is a euphemism of course, there is no such thing as “pet” really, so they come from someone’s hunting/ guard/ barrel dog.

Unless there are vets going around the countryside, with police escort and court orders, spaying every single chained female bitch they spot in people’s junk yards, gardens, chicken coops etc, nothing will ever improve. Never. It’s like the ancient myth of the Danaides, who were condemned to pour water perpetually into a jar with a hole in the bottom.

*The puppies in the photos were all abandoned in the shelter in Mani, that operates with three volunteers caring for 210 dogs. If you wish to help them or adopt one of the puppies please message their Facebook page: Animal Protection Society Melios.

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