Utopia In A Dog’s Eyes – Living Up To A Promise

Sam was hit by a car on Valentine’s day, 2017, in one of the busiest avenues of Athens, Greece. A girl saw him crawling and screaming from the pain, minutes after he had been ran over and abandoned, and SPAZ, the local charity, took him in.

Sam has had seven surgeries  so far, in both his legs. The infection that almost cost him his life didn’t let the metal plates keep the bones together. Within a month, his shattered bones had a sponge like appearance, basically rotting. He had a special blood culture to determine the kind of bacteria that was eating away the bones, and was given new antibiotics to fight the infection, that were so heavy he almost lost his sight. No new surgery was possible, so he had an external osteosynthesis, that kept the bones together from the outside. In his last surgery, a month ago, his heart stopped beating for a few seconds. He is too weakened by all the medication, and he still has to undergo at least one more surgery in his hind leg. Sam’s recovery has been an overwhelming rollercoaster for all of us, and unfortunately he is still at risk of losing both his legs. We have talked a lot about amputating one of them, but the vet is not sure which one of his legs has better chances of healing well, so we are still trying to save them both. He is very lucky to have all the SPAZ volunteers by his side, and of course Kelly, his mum, who adores him.

Sam’s case is the costlier of all the SPAZ cases in 30 years, and he still has a long way to go. All his future surgeries will be paid by the charity, so if you wish to make a small donation, it will be more than welcome. You can donate via PayPal or bank transfer ( Account number: 389 0023 2000 0231 IBAN GR84 0140 3890 389002320000231 SWIFT CRBAGRAAXXX). You can follow the SPAZ Facebook page here.

Thank you.

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