Viral Kittens Still Looking For A Forever Home 5 Months After Their Rescue

Viral rarely happens, and when one of the animals we rescue here in Greece reaches millions of people, most of us are like “wow”, I never expected this to happen.

Five months ago, Iro (a SCARS volunteer) and I were planning on doing a video about all the animals abandoned in the mountain near her home, in a southern suburb of Athens, Greece.

Iro walks her dog there, and she keeps finding empty boxes, with blankets and some toys inside – litters of kittens and puppies abandoned by people who consider that they are giving them a chance to “live in the nature”, while all those morons do is make them easy prey for the mountains predators.

So that day I took my camera, and headed to the mountain with Iro and her dog, Aragon. Aragon started pulling us towards a specific direction, and the next thing we saw was a box of kittens, just abandoned in the park right underneath the mountain.

Aragon, Cho and Macalou today

We took them in, Iro fostered them and Aragon became their guardian and foster dad. It’s not the same time he did it. He has also rescued Simone a year ago, a young cat that was following him in his walks.

Cho, then and now.

Since they were found near a mountain, and since Iro is a professional hiker, the kittens were named after famous Himalayan summits: Macalou, Manaslou, Lotse and Cho.

Macalou, then and now.

I did a typical “aww how cute video” and it hasn’t stopped getting views ever since. However, five months and three million views later, only one of the kittens has been adopted, Lotse.


Manaslou, then and now.

Macalou, Manaslou and Cho keep growing in their foster home, but none of them has found a forever home. They are social, cute, adorable kittens. They only have one problem I guess: they are black and white.

If you know about cat rescue and adoption, you might know about this. Among cat people, it’s like a common secret: a black and white cat is more difficult to adopt that any other – yes, even pitch black ones! Don’t ask why, I have no idea.
Anyway, Macalou, Manaslou and Cho are here, waiting for someone to open their home and their heart for them. For adoptions please email: or message the charity’s Facebook page.

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