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Wasteland – Dog Rescue In The Outskirts Of Athens

Anything I say about this part of Athens will not be enough. Anything you read about it is not enough. Even if you visit once, like I did one morning in January 2018, you won’t get the whole picture of what’s going on there.


I have been avoiding the place for too long, mainly because I feared I could not handle it. When Ellie asked my directly if I was willing to go there, I couldn’t say no. It was time for me to stop hiding and face the reality.


The stray dogs my camera managed to film are not even the 1/3 of the ones living in the streets there. You see we were there at about ten o’clock, when they had already had their first meal and most of them were asleep somewhere. The stories I heard from the local volunteer make a perfect horror novel.


Dogs found hanged, stray dogs abused and beaten, volunteers beaten and taken to the hospital because they tried to defend the strays, horse left tied in the sea to drown. Everything is possible there. One of my neighbors confessed to me that her cousin drove all the way to Aspropyrgos one day to dump her own dog.

There are a couple of charities working there, and what they is hardcore rescue. If you wish to help the local volunteers, you can donate to Penny Marathon.

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