Woman Adopts Tripod Dog And Comes Back Again To Adopt Her Tripod Friend

There are people out there who will call a shelter and ask for the whitest, fluffiest, youngest dog – those people are a lot. And then there are people like Gina, who will go for the not so fluffy, cute ones – in fact, they will go for the least adoptable of all. Not out of pity, but out of …ehmm… I don’t know how to call it.

Maybe it’s as simple as something like this: “I want to adopt a dog. I fell in love with this one here. Who cares if it has three legs, trust issues, and mediocre looks?”

Scarlet. You can watch her story here.

When Gina adopted three legged Scarlet from Save a Greek Stray, she left behind Jasmine, who she had fallen in love with. About a year went by, and Gina came back to “declare” that she was also planning to adopt Jasmine. And she did.

Scarlet and Gina

There are few people out there that would open their home for a dog like Jasmine – especially a home with two more adopted dogs and a very sick rescue cat. And I am very proud to have met one of those “very few people” and I am proud to be the one who took Jasmine home – where I know she will thrive in no time, like Scarlet did.

Jasmine’s video:

Today Jasmine’s new life started, and since Jasmine was always special, the post about her adoption in the charity’s Facebook page is also a special one:

“Hey! I am Jasmine and here’s my story (so far):

One day, as I was wandering all carefree and homeless, a car hit me. The driver disappeared cause he was on a hurry, and after I was over the shock and the pain, I learned to live with a messed up spine and my hind leg stuck next to my ribs.

My first meeting with Jasmine, two years ago.

And while I believed that this would be my life from now on, they brought me to the shelter. My leg was useless, so the doctor removed it and I was left with the remaining three – not much of a difference really, I kept running, playing and I soon became the shelter’s mascot!

And while I thought (again) that this would me my life from now on, on day Gina came to the shelter, cause she wanted to adopt Scarlet, who was also three legged. So she adopted her, but before he left, I got stuck in her mind and she never forgot about me.

Gina taking Jasmine for a walk at the shelter

A year went by, and I started being bored, but I thought that this is what life must be like, kennel – walk – eat – kennel – walk – eat. And indeed, this was life, until today. Today I took a bath (which I hate!), I want into a car (which I am afraid of!), and I suddenly found myself in a new place (which I have never seen before!). I do know Scarlet and Gina, but not that well really, so I resorted to the only thing I do when I am anxious: sit next to a human (whoever that may be, I don’t really care, today for example, that human is Gina) and give them my paw demanding to cuddle (I was always a beggar, I admit!)

Being bathed and totally pissed off 🙂

So, I am adopted. Me, the three legged “nobody”, and since today I am nervous as hell, I won’t be writing any more. Every day that goes by, I will be better and better – that’s what Gina says, who couldn’t care less that the car from back then left me with three legs and incontinence (ooops!! We never mention that, I have a reputation to live up to!)”

Jasmine on her first day at home (Scarlet’s curious face on the back)

One advice: don’t look for looks. Looks are overrated and after you close the door behind you and people don’t watch anymore, you are left with just a soul who is there to love you unconditionally, whether it’s three legged, blind, old or ugly. Follow your heart, it never makes mistakes, and the heart couldn’t care less about appearances.

The family

Both dogs were rescued by Save a Greek Stray. You can follow the charity’s Facebook page here. Donations are always welcome (PayPal: info@saveagreekstray.com)

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