Woman Travels 3000 Kilometers To Adopt The Dog She Fell In Love With

Do you believe in fairy tales? Well, some of us do – at least sometimes. When you are a rescuer in Greece, where dozens of new dogs are being abandoned as we speak and litters of puppies pop out in every corner, keeping your optimism is not always an easy thing.

But Bea’s story made all of us gain back our optimism, at least for a while. Her story is a never-ending journey of bad luck, betrayal, and loneliness. She was born as a stray, “adopted” for a few years, and when her family was planning on moving abroad, they had no intention of taking her along.

Their first meeting

So, the easy solution was to let her walk around by herself, probably hoping that someone would come across her and they would get rid of her the easy way. And indeed, someone did come across her, Fay, a volunteer of SCARS. When the family heard that Bea could be placed for adoption, they wouldn’t even keep her until a new home was available.

Bea and Karrie

Bea was adopted twice after that, but got unlucky. Too unlucky. What appeared as a good choice for her, turned out to be a big mistake, both times. So after changing three different homes in only a few months, Bea was moved to a dog hotel – and a dog hotel for such a human centered dog like her is not the best thing that can happen to them.

Bea and her rescuer, Fay

Months went by and we had started believing that this dog was just unlucky, when SCARS received an email form 3000 kilometers away. Karrie, a woman in Paris, came across Bea’s adoption album and fell in love. There was something about this particular dog that made her want to adopt her.

A Paris!

So one day, Karrie flew all the way from Paris to Athens, to meet Bea. She rented a flat in the city, and took Bea in, to live with her for a few days, before they traveled back home. The night before they left, Karrie invited us to dinner, and Bea welcomed us there, in that temporary home, as if she had always lived there, and acted as is Karrie was always her mum, even if she had met her a few days before.

The next morning they flew to Paris. And the photos Karrie sends us, make us realize that Bea was always destined to live there. She had go through so much, before she finally arrived to her destination, but who cares? There is this one and only place for all dogs, that once they are there, you cannot picture them anywhere else.


It’s just that some, like Bea, have to fight for it more than others. Bea fought, and she deserves to be as spoilt as possible, posing like a princess in front of the Arc de Triomphe – she did triumph, so why not brag about it?

*Her mum now call her “Bee” – isn’t it adorable?

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