15 Gorgeous Puppies Rescued From The Streets

15  meaning “I met these 15 and can post about them – there are hundreds like them abandoned every day” I’m not sure we understand what rescuing this kind of beauty  right from the street actually means. These 15 were not just found on the street. They were born, considered trash, and abandoned in garbage bins, on the side of the road or in the middle of nowhere, so that they’d starve and die.

They are the kind of puppies that make you go “aww” and surrender to cuteness overload if you have any feelings, the slightest idea possible about beauty and a tiny bit of humor – the kind of humor that makes your heart smile and you face speak in emojis . And yet, there were people who didn’t posses none of the above “qualities”, how is that even possible? How is it possible that there are people who have no heart, who don’t see the beauty in what they are supposed to and can’t smile to something so… “smileable”?

They are somebody’s neighbor, friend, family. They are living next door, they are going to church, they are serving our dinner, parking our car, cultivating our vegetables, attending us at the bank, teaching us Math or sports, employing us, arresting us, building our houses or representing us in court. They are among us, they can be anyone. They are dangerous and we are surrounded. Greece is under attack!! 😛

1- 3 The Music Puppies


The “music” puppies, Johann, Sebastian and Bach. The beauty is in all three of them together. Looking at just one might make you go “hmm”, but a glimpse at all three together is what will make you go “Oh wow!”. Like music, one note means nothing, it’s the combination of some of them that makes the 9th Symphony for example (oops – I’m a Beethoven fan). Rescued by Save a Greek Stray – Adopted.

4 Snowball


I’m not sure what her real name was. You know when the snow is still fresh and soft, right after it has fallen from the sky, and hasn’t gotten thick yet? Imagine that, but with four paws and a soul. Rescued y SPAZ – Adopted.

5-9 The Teacups


When these were still very young, they wouldn’t just make you go “aww”, but have you mumbling incomprehensible words you just made up in high volume. Better watch them than have me descrih suefb ehasskt isternf WHA T FAAAX (oh, my, it even happens when I try to write about them!). Rescued by Save a Greek Stray – ATTENTION: Four of them are available!

10 Valerios


One Sunday morning, volunteers, a photographer and me gathered in a garden to capture the beauty in 15 rescue puppies running in the grass and provide them  with the best photo albums and videos possible. Valerios was so ridiculously adorable and cute, that we eventually had to put him back in his box, because none of us would focus on the other 14 playing and running around. Rescued by SPAZ – Adpoted.

11 Beau


Well, he was named Beau – like beautiful in French – for a reason. Taking a tour around the shelter, looking in the cages and going: “aww..poor sweeties, so adorable”, you’d suddenly bump into Beau’s kennel and go: “OH MY, WHAT IS THAT? Is it like a really expensive breed”? Rescued by Save a Greek Stray – Adopted.

12 Napoleon


Aaah…Napoleon. Napoleon is the kind of puppy that you rescue, and then start asking friends and family: “hey, do you know anyone who wants to adopt a puppy? Cause I just rescued this ridiculously gorgeous one and the phone won’t stop ringing if I dare post an adoption ad”. Rescued by SPAZ – Adopted (for a moment there you were hoping that he wasn’t, weren’t you?)

13-15  The Dégradé Family


Dégradé in French means shaded off, faded or layered. You know some women with weird hair, that you can’t figure out whether its short or long or short and long etc? (Do I have any male audience btw?). You know, the kind of hair that appears quite long from one angle, then you grab a tuft and go: “hey, that’s shorter than the rest of the hair”, then you grab another and another and another and keep going: “hey, a short one, hey a longer one, wait was this one as long as the previous one or shorter? etc”. Well, this is the effect of the dégradé family (“hey, two blue eyes, hey two black one, hey a blue and a black one”). Rescued by Save a Greek Stray aaaaand…(I know were waiting for it): AVAILABLE.

PS:  All of the above are mix breeds. Natural selection knows better than we do. Don’t look for cuteness overload in the pet store, look for it in your local shelter.



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  1. As people in Delhi are hearing about the rescue work, more international and local families are offering to foster puppies for the vets and more international families and travellers are chosing to take puppies and dogs back to their homes.

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