Sweet Dog Abandoned When Sick Makes An Amazing Recovery

Zoe was abandoned who knows when, by who knows who. Nobody knows where those dogs really come from, but we can always tell if they are coming from a home, or not. And Zoe came from a home.


As if common practice here in Greece, pets that are not wanted anymore, for whatever reason, are abandoned on the streets. Usually, it happens like this: the owner takes a car ride with the dog somewhere in a mountain, the outskirts, the middle of nowhere, opens the car door, lets the dog out and drives away.


There are no open admission shelters here, for people to dump their dogs. The only place where they are “admitted” in are the streets.


For whatever reason, Zoe was abandoned. Maybe because she got sick, maybe not. Maybe she got sick while on the streets, maybe not, So many maybes and no answer really.

Zoe in her foster home, with her friend Matilda

The one thing we can tell for sure is that she came from a home. She knows how to walk on a leash, she trusts people in a way that shows that she has lived with them for years, she knows the car, she knows almost everything a pet dog should know.

She was found in that condition by Thalia, a SCARS volunteer, in Koropi, an industrial suburb in the outskirts of Athens and a dumping ground for unwanted dogs.

Zoe today!

Zoe suffered from leishmaniasis, a common Mediterranean disease transmitted by infected sandflies.  Leishmaniasis can be deadly for dogs that are left untreated, but hopefully Zoe was rescued before it was too late.


She had her treatment, she recovered, and she is once again the proud, beautiful dog that she used to be. Zoe is now ready for her forever home. If you wish to adopt her, please email SCARS at: [email protected] For updates on Zoe, you can follow the SCARS facebook page hereDonations are welcome.

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