Abandoned – Just Another Emaciated Pointer

Abandoned, emaciated and sick. Just another Greek  hunting dog, just another Greek tragedy. This could be the entire post actually – for someone familiar with the situation in Greece, there’s not much more that needs to be said.

Greece’s hunting dogs are an open, bleeding would in Animal Welfare. They are never treated as pets and barely get any exercise unless it’s hunting season.

Most of them live chained or locked up somewhere in a field in rural Greece, as far from the nearby town or village. If their owner keeps them in the city, they are kept in the roofs of the building – literally the roof. This is where their home, their toilet and their whole life.
Hunting dogs living in such conditions risk being infected easier than pet dogs, by diseases carried by parasites thriving all year long due to the warm Mediterranean climate. And since they  do not receive their monthly anti-parasitic treatments, most of them are infected.

So, once they get sick, a treatment is out of the question – why spend money on a “tool” you keep chained 24/7? After they are abandoned, they might get lucky and be rescued, they might get unlucky and just die of starvation or diseases or be ran over by a truck etc etc.

More or less, this must have been Kassandra’s story. She is a young, female Pointer, found emaciated and sick somewhere near Nafpactos. She was starving (of course), she is sick with leishmaniasis (of course) and she is a sweetheart (all of them are).
She was lucky enough to be rescued by a volunteer of the local charity. For now she is being “fostered” at the vet clinic, but she will need a proper foster home. She will need to start her treatment for leishmaniasis soon and after she recovers, she will be ready for her forever home – a real, warm, proper home, not a dirty cage in the middle of nowhere.

If you wish to help Kassandra or follow her progress, you can contact her rescuer here.



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