Abandoned Mangy Puppy Finds His Forever Home After One Year

Abandoned in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of a busy highway somewhere in rural Greece, Mel (in Greek we called him Melios) was spotted and rescued by volunteers. When he was first brought in he looked so fragile, that we almost did not know how to treat him.

The only thing I remember thinking when I first saw him in his foster home in Athens was how tiny he was. So tiny. He would lay in his bed and looked so cozy in there that I almost did not want to disturb him – but I did. He was adorable. I remember his oily, mangy skin. He was so soft, so sweet, and so little.

Mel during the first days in his foster home, with the splints in his leg.

Mel spent almost a year in his foster home. He recovered from mange and his broken front leg self healed, so no surgery was needed. He would limp a lot when still a baby, but after a couple of months his leg looked much better, and most of the times you could not tell that there was anything wrong with it. At times, if he got tired, he would limp again.

The classic posture of Mel holding his broken leg made him ridiculously adorable.

It took him a while to find his forever family. Although gorgeous, friendly and loving, his broken leg was probably what prevented most people from choosing him. He finally found his forever family in Holland – and they were definitely worth the wait!Β Mel now spends his days doing what he likes best: be lazy. He also turned out to be an excellent swimmer, which improved his limping a lot.

Mel’s favorite activity in his new home.

We always pictured Mel having the life he deserved. It just took him a long time before his dreams (and ours) came true. But they did. When volunteering in Animal Welfare, you risk becoming grumpy and pessimistic, but then an adoption like this one comes along and gives you all the strength you need to carry on. We just need to be optimistic, and keep trying.



Mel was not adopted when still a cute, tiny puppy, but we never gave up on him. He grew to be a gorgeous teenager, then a handsome young man, and finally he got the family he deserved. So this is a reminder. For me, and for all the others who keep being disappointed every time their rescues miss a chance of being adopted. Greece is a no kill country – which basically lifts a huge weight off our shoulders. We’re not in a hurry. We keep our rescues until a good home is available. But what happens is that we keep seeing our beloved rescues spend years in shelters or foster homes, and we get frustrated.


But it’s never too late, I guess. We all get what we deserve in the end, and so do they. Even if it takes a long time, even if they’re not cute little puppies anymore, for most of them, there is a home somewhere out there, waiting.



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