Amazing Friendships Between Dogs And Cats

There’s always something about seeing dogs and cats being friends. Maybe it’s because of the stereotype that wants them to be enemies, maybe because..ermmm…I don’t know.

I won’t be boring you with unnecessary words, I’ll just let them animals talk for now. These are all rescue dogs and cats that shared a life together, or just some moments. They are animals I met, and filmed and told their stories.

1 Sifis the dog and his rescue kitten Paul

Sifis was rescued by ZEIL and was adopted as a puppy . When his mum found this sick little kitten, Paul, Sifis nurtured him, and protected him as if he was his own. You can watch their video here

Sifis and Paul

2 Aragon and Simone

Aragon is an adopted dog, and his mum is one of the SCARS volunteers. In one of their walks, a young stray cat followed them, and went back home with them. Simone was fostered and rehomed a few months later. Watch their video here

Aragon and Simone

3 Meli and her stray cats

Meli is an adopted dog and her parents are active volunteers, who feed dozens of stray cats in their neighborhood. When Meli takes her morning and afternoon walks, she is always accompanied by the stray cats, who have combined her with their daily meal. Video here.

Meli and her stray cats

4 Charlie and his foster kittens

Charlie was rescued from the streets of Greece. While I was fostering him, I found two abandoned young kittens on the side of the road, who have been sharing a home with Charlie since them. Although he barks at cats he sees on the street, he has developed a maternal instinct towards the kittens. He looks after them, cleans them and lets them climb up his fur and sleep on him.

Charlie, and his foster kittens, Pamuk and Sunny

5 Aragon and the kittens he rescued

Aragon again, in one of his walks, came across a litter of abandoned kittens. His mum brought them home and fostered them until they they were rehomed, and Aragon was by their side, ever step of the way. Their story went viral!

Aragon and his rescue kittens

6 Gina and her cat family

Gina was an abused dog, that was rescued and rehomed. One day she came across a cat family, abandoned in the trash. His mum took the family in, and Gina was their guardian angel every step of the way. Watch their video here.

Gina and her rescue kittens

7 Maggie and her friends at the dog park

Maggie is a stray cat well known to the neighborhood where she lives. Every once in a while, she crashed the nearby dog park, and just becomes one of the dogs. The last time I saw her, I was at the dog park with two of my dogs and my foster dog Lou, and Maggie showed them what it’s like to hang out with a feline friend.

Maggie and her friends at the dog park

8 Nero, Meli and their foster dogs

Nero and Meli are two rescued cats that share a home. Their mum is a dog rescuer, and her two cats have seen so many dogs come and go, that I could say they are more experienced than I am when it comes to K9 friends. Watch their story here.

Nero and one of his foster dogs, Bella

9 Tristan, Isolde and the dogs at the shelter’s infirmary

Tristan and Isolde were found abandoned as newborn kittens, and were raised with feeding bottles. They grew up in a crate at the shelter’s infirmary, and the rescued dog that would come and go were their best friends. Watch them have fun here

Isolde and one of the shelter’s rescue dogs



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