Amazing Journey To Recovery For Sick Dog Abandoned On A Mountain

Imagine a perfect dog, A dog that can be happy and funny, and social and active and yet that sleepy and quiet in busy places, surrounded by people and dogs. A dog that likes the beach, and dog park and walking the streets on leash. A dog that is perfect with other dogs, and children and people, hat is trusting and loyal and playful and a pro when it comes to selfies. A dog you can take shoping, driving , swimming or just chilling.


Now imagine how that perfect dog was made to be that perfect. Maybe if I told you how Titi was made, you wouldn’t believe me, so I’ll show you. Titi was made here, up on that mountain in a suburb of Athens, Greece, where she was abandoned. Maybe she was abandoned because she got sick, or maybe she got sick after she was abandoned. Who knows? Nobody ever knows.


Titi was just waiting to die up there, until the rescuers got to her. As they were leaving with her, one of the residents said “finally, we couldn’t stand the smell”. She was so sick that she almost died, not once, but twice. But dogs like her are not made to die. They are made to live, and thrive. So despite her condition, Titi never gave up, neither did Elizabeth who fosters her, neither did the vets that treated her.


Every day was a battle she would win, and every day she would come out a winner. A winner for herself, and for all the animals like her, who come back from the dead with a lust for life and a carefree spirit that hides no arrogance about what they achieved, no hard feelings, not regrets.

Titi and her foster mum Elizabeth at the Penny Marathon in Athens, 2018

Some think that dogs like Titi become who they are because of what they have been through. Because all the pain and the suffering and the loneliness have softened them and turned them into old souls within a few months. Maybe. Or maybe they were born this way. Maybe they were perfect to begin with. Besides, dogs are not abandoned because they are flawed, but because people are.

So this is Titi today. She has recovered from mange and leishmaniasis. She enjoys life, she knows life, she knows how to live and have fun, she knows how to relax and be weird, and funny and cute. She runs. And as she runs it’s as if she shakes her past away with every single leap forward that she takes. She is perfect in many ways. She is perfectly funny, and perfectly easy going, and perfectly playful and perfectly laid back. She is being fostered by the woman who brought her back to life, and who has been teaching everything there is to know about living.


Titi is perfectly ready for her forever home. She can live with human and dogs and cats and kids, she can live in a house or an apartment. In her evening walks, she loves gazing through the windows of furniture shops. She looks at the sofas and the coffee tables and the kitchen cupboards. Maybe it’s because she grew up in a home, who knows.

She knew since day one what a couch is, what people are, how to thought doors and how to walk on the streets, she knew how to get up on the examination table on her own. She used to be someone’s pet. That life on the mountain was just a parenthesis, a gap in her life that is now in the past. She has a loving and forgiving heart. She is Titi, she is perfect and she is looking for a forever home.

Titi was rescued by SPAZ. For adoptions please email: [email protected] message the charity’s facebook page. Donations are always welcome.

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