Blind Rescue Kittens Find Their Dream Homes

Blind rescue kittens are like mangy starving dogs in Greece – you can never rescue too many, you can never rescue them all. Respiratory and eye infections are so common in stray cats, that every time we rescue a healthy seeing kitten we almost can’t believe it. Virgil, Blinkin and Destiny were rescued in late May 2016 by SCARS and were fostered together by a volunteer. All three with severe eye infections that had cost them their vision – but not much else.

I met them a few days after their rescue. I entered their room with my camera loaded, enjoyed filming them more than they enjoyed playing with each other and left with a pretty good idea of who they were: Blinkin was the hyperactive prodigy, Destiny was the curious, nosy brat and Virgil was the snob, full of himself loner. That’s what they were and nothing else. It took me about two minutes to completely forget that they were blind and for the next hour or saw I only saw the funny, unique details of each one’s character.

Destiny exploring the cat-proof garden at her new home in Germany

Blind cats are just cats. They can’t survive on their own out on the streets, but apart from that, nothing can stop them. A few good tips can help you make your blind cat feel better, but they are just a few, because blind cats don’t need a lot. Even if you want to adopt a special animal, focusing on the character is crucial, because rescue cats come in all characters and their disability does not really affect who they are – or who they believe they are.

Blinkin at his new home in Germany. Virgil and him were adopted together.

You can have a blind playful cat, a blind snob cat, a blind hyperactive – all over the place cat, a blind tender cat, a blind social cat and a blind loner cat. If you change “blind” to “three legged”, “deaf” or any other disability word, you can still have all the other characteristics – depending on who our rescue cat is on the inside.

Virgil exploring his new home, with Blinkin lurking under the table

Virgil, Blinkin and Destiny have all been adopted and are now living with their forever families. They were lucky, they deserved it and they have their whole lives ahead to explore, relax, eat, sleep, and play. They have their whole lives ahead to be who they are, and what they are is not just “blind”. They are a lot more things – the tiny, funny, special and unique shades of their character that make them who they are. This is what we rescuers focus on, this is what the potential adoptive parents should focus on too, and this is what will make any rescue animal live a happy life. Mercy adoption is not an option, because blind cats and dogs are not to be pittied.

Blinkin “exploring” his new little “sister”.

SCARS is a charity very active in cat rescue and based on donations alone. For more stories you can visit their Facebook page or their website. SCARS cats and kittens looking for their forever homes have their own albums.

From left to right: Destiny, Blinkin, Virgil and their new lives

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