Blind Rescued Akita Loses His Family For The Second Time

Blind, skinny and abandoned on the streets (!)… He was found on May 2015 in southern suburb of Athens, Greece. Can you imagine being blind and having to figure out how to find food and shelter? How to survive on the streets, when all you see is darkness?

Koro means heart, and he is a purebred Akita. He was given this name by his rescuer, who collected him for the streets that same day and placed him in a dog pension. Apparently, after being bought for a huge amount of money, after he was blinded he was not good enough anymore.

His blindness was probably caused by an injury or a glaucoma that was never treated. By the time of his rescue, he had already lost 100% of his eyesight and there was nothing that could be done. His eyes were stitched closed, so that further infections would be prevented.

The day he was found

Apart from the blindness, Koro was a healthy dog – but poorly treated apparently. You can always tell if a dog has lived a good life or not, and Koro definitely had not. His teeth were in very bad shape and his general appearance screamed neglect “back yard lawn ornament”.

After a lot of care and attention, special diets and a lot of love, Koro became a happy, loving dog. His rescuer describes him as a dog who is hungry for love, for life, for everything he had never experienced before.

He was adopted by a lovely woman, who offered him the home he needed and deserved. For a while. I still can’t believe what I am about to write – I couldn’t believe it when I read it either… Koro’s new owner passed away a few days ago, and that gorgeous boy was orphaned once again.

Koro is now back at the dog pension. He must be about 6 years old now, and he is looking for a new home. Again. His rescuer is doing everything she can to help him find the family he deserves. There is a public Facebook group for him, you can check it out here. I don’t know what else to day really – this post is the least I can do for one of the unluckiest dogs ever.



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