Brutally Abused Since A Puppy, She Now Has A Family To Adore Her

Brutally abused and basically left to rot and die, Jade finally got the life she deserves. She now has a family to adore her and she seems to have forgotten all about her terrible past.

Jade’s video above tells her story. It is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Brutally abuse by her owner, she spent weeks – months ever – chained. Her neck and both her hind legs were tied with a wire and as she grew older and bigger, the wire was embedded in the flesh, basically slitting her in two. She was rescued by zeil volunteers literally at the last minute. A few days later, sepsis would have killed her.

Jade the day she was rescued, right outside her previous owner’s property.

Today she has forgotten about the past and spends her days being lazy on the couch and taking walks to the beach. Her family in Holland adores her. As Gaia – the family’s daughter said: “I want everyone to know how much she has grown, physically and emotionally.”

Jade a couple of weeks after her rescue, in the park near the clinic where she stayed.

Her story still leaves some questions unanswered, so here is everything you might be wondering about:

  1. How was the charity informed about the case?

Zeil was informed about Jade by another rescuer who happened to pass by the neighborhood. The neighbors, although witnessing the abuse take place for so long, had made no efforts whatsoever to free her, notify the authorities or help the dog in any way.

A month after her rescue, almost ready to leave for her foster home.
  1. Why didn’t the neighbors do anything?

You’ll have to ask them. In Greece, the attitude when it comes to neighbors is “live and let live”, unless they do something to affect your property or violate your rights. Jade was horrible to look at but I guess they had convinced themselves that it was none of their business.

Finally healed and allowed to enjoy the grass.
  1. Why didn’t the neighbors come clean after the police arrived?

Probably for the same reasons they did nothing before. Another reason might have been that they were afraid. If you have a neighbor that can do that to a defenseless animal, imagine what he’s capable of doing to you, your property and to everything you love.

Enjoying a juicy bone in her foster home.
  1. How did rescuers call her?

We called her Shiver since day one. A shiver down our spine is what we felt for weeks after she had been rescued.

On the beach with her family in Holland.
  1. Was the treatment expensive?

Quite expensive. Apart from the usual expenses (vaccines, anti-parasitic treatments and neutering) she had to be hospitalized for more than a month.


  1. How did you find a family for her in Holland?

Adoptions in Europe are possible through a network of collaborating European animal charities. They perform the home checks and become responsible for our rescue dogs once they travel to Europe. We remain in contact with the European volunteers and the adoptive families throughout the dogs’ entire lives. If for any reason the adoption does not work out, the dogs return to the charity’s care until a new home is available.

Taking a nap on her couch in her forever home.
  1. Did her foster mum give her up easily?

Yes and no. Giving up a dog is never easy, but responsible foster parents know that they have to let go in order to help the next dog in need. Since then, Jade’s foster mum has fostered many dogs in need, including Mel, and cats (Monkey).

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4 thoughts on “Brutally Abused Since A Puppy, She Now Has A Family To Adore Her”

  1. God bless you for helping this beautiful girl. The neighbors who sat by and did nothing to help her are just as disgusting as her abuser. Al abusers deserved to be punished severely for their cruelty

  2. To speak up openly to blame your neighbor, I think I can follow why this is quite a problematic option. The punishment for dog abuse would not eliminate your neighbors neither convert them to good. And such neighbors do cruel things, simple people don’t want to make them angry. But it had been so easy giving an anonymous hint to the police or animal organization.
    Maybe teach children in school ethical behavior to every creature would make future change of general attitude in society.

    1. Maybe.. children are the future anyway. What happened with Jade happens every day, People who have abusive neighbors call us, as if we are the police. But we can’t intervene actually. They are the eye witnesses but prefer to mind their own business.

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