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A Bullet In The Head

One day a stray dog that had no name approached one of us, and what he got was a bullet in the head. Morgan, who didn’t have a name yet, survived the shooting and ran away, bleeding, blinded and terrified.

The rescuers were informed about the shooting and were looking for him for days, until they finally found him hiding in the woods. Everyone in the village knows who the shooter is and, of course, nobody ever came forward, as much as the rescuers pleaded for the eye witnesses to do so. I guess those pathetic, small people prefer to have a psychopath living among them unpunished, among their children. Whatever. Morgan’s recovery appeared to be never ending, but he came out a winner. The most difficult to heal were the wounds of his soul. It took a lot of time and patience from the rescuers and his family to get Morgan to be who he is today, a winner. I am honored to be able to tell his story, and share it with the world, and I am honored to have met him and his family.

A huge thank you to Morgan’s rescuer, everyone who helped him, the local group of volunteers and Penny Marathon for being there for him.



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  1. Hi I just want to say a BIG thank you too, to Valia of course and to all at Penney Marathon. Thank you guys for saving Morgan and for His amazing story, you are all of you so thought of always xxx

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