Burnt Alive, Poisoned And Tortured – Take Action For Zante Stray Dogs

Burnt, poisoned, tortured, decimated… Can you really grasp the meaning of those words? Language is an amazing thing, able to capture meanings, feelings and events too complicated, and yet, the actual “essence” of some events seems to be bubbling over the word itself.

A couple of syllables spoken or written down just don’t do justice to what they represent sometimes. How can “burnt alive” do justice to the feeling of being tied up and set on fire? How can “tortured” do justice to the agony and the pain of an animal who suffers for a reason it will never comprehend, in the hands of a human – the only species it sees as one of its own.


Two days ago, on June 3 2017, in one of Greece’s most touristic and beautiful islands, a number of stray dogs were tortured, poisoned and some even burnt alive. The photos are so horrific that the island’s charity hesitated to post most of them.

Some of the stray dogs in the bus station that were killed on June 3

Happy strays, living in the bus station outside Zante town suffered, simply because someone was capable of doing it. I keep posting about similar stories, and people wonder why are there so many sick people living in Greece, but the truth is that the number of sick and evil people living here is not bigger than anywhere else in the world.


One of the problems is that the strays are too many here, so sick people have easy access to them. And the main problem is actually the impunity of those acts. The Greek system is so corrupt, so ill-organized and so poor, that even the ones in charge don’t even know what to do in similar cases. They don’t know if they are supposed to investigate, they don’t know how to investigate and they do not realize what these incidents mean for the general image they try to project about their “hospitable” hometowns.


7 dogs were brutally killed in the island of Zante. Some were poisoned, some were burnt alive and others were tortured to death. The police were called – but you know what this really means: nothing. I am not sure what is the best way to pressure Greece to take action, but if you want to demand justice for the 7 dogs of Zante, you can sign the petition, and ask that the mayor investigates the murders.

You may have seen this- it’s Zante’s best beach and one of the top beaches worldwide.

Maybe if the request comes from foreigners, it will be a bit more respected. Maybe if it comes from potential tourists appalled by the atrocities committed in the “beautiful” island they intend visiting, it will be heard. Or maybe there is no hope, but at least we need to keep trying.

You can donate to the local charity here.

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8 thoughts on “Burnt Alive, Poisoned And Tortured – Take Action For Zante Stray Dogs”

  1. Your island really needs to clean up its act in the way that animals are mistreated. Its appalling to hear so much cruelty that is going on. I am shocked that there seems to be little regard for these innocent creatures. Please do something to educate and bring those to justice that commit cruelty towards animals

    1. Oh we try.. We always try to educate, but it is ALL based on volunteer work – and volunteers have very limited time.. 🙁

  2. Hey, wanna know what to do to make it stop? For every well-cared for pet (let’s include the donkeys) Greece gets 100 Euros from the big “let’s save Greece” pot (I mean, five million strays…) and for every abused, abandoned, tortured and murdered pet, 200 Euros less….
    (just joking)
    I really don’t know what to say….
    Feel hugged!

    1. Haha!! Thank you! (for the hug). I think one way to make it stop is to go around neutering pet dogs (and cats) for free, with the only requirement that the animals are microchipped and registered on the spot. Most strays come from the ridiculous amount of abandoned litters of puppies and kittens, especially in rural Greece.

  3. Why can’t the animal organizations start handing out or posting pictures of these atrocities for tourists to see? Perhaps the image of “what a friendly nation” might be overturned and will touch the Greeks where it hurts most, tourism = money in their pockets!

    1. This is exactly what I have thought so many times, especially when it comes to Nafpaktos. Go to the beach, cafés, restaurants and distribute pictures.

    2. Oh because they live in the communities, and they will have problems with the locals. Some of them work in the tourist industry too. And basically, active volunteers are always so busy, that they have limited time to campaign. Between choosing to spend time on a dog rescue and campaigning against…everything, they usually choose to rescue.

  4. I’m so sorry to hear about your Country. The abuse to your animals makes complete sense. To few people who care and far too many dogs. People even like myself an animal loving person get used to the abuse and neglect. To me it reminds me of those in a terrible war and they walk by someone dying again and again and so on and so forth. The world is getting so over polulated with people and the over population of dogs will continue at an even faster pace. The political world can’t fix our dog issues and we trust them to fix our own. The first thing communities should begin to understand is we do this on our own without our government. Because governments cannot help the dogs, a much more simple process than helping humans of their own we should know beyond a shadow of a doubt they can never help us either. We alone are the sole Aires of both of these issues. If we can not conquer the dog problem, we can not help ourselves. As a society we are afraid to make these moves because they are difficult. To me the masses of human beings will fail ourselves right after we fail our animals. Again if we can’t fix a smaller issue like animal abuse and neglect, the masses of humans will be next. It’s all clear in my mind, I am so old and have seen so much through the eyes of internet that I know this is a fact and those who can not read between the lines are our fatal disease and will end human existence. Even if we exist, we will be what we are witnessing now in the world of helpless animals, it’s just a matter of time. We also can turn this around only by educating our youth, who will have the strength, will and know how to solve both problems. Right now there is nothing in our money grubbing curriculum corporation’s ” child education” to teach children empathy, to the contrary children are taught narcissism and forced for 12 years to sit thru grueling 8 hour days of “Education” for their future and you see it again through the eyes of the internet that these programs are failing most of the youth and turning their hearts to stone. They have given up and are spent before they reach adulthood. Money is the root of all evil! It’s absolutely true and only we, the ones who value life above all will be able to guide the way someday. The whole world will need to change eventually for masses of human beings and masses of animals coexisting right on top of each other. The huge companies think we are too dumb to know what they AREN’T doing, I hope like hell we are not!!! Money, narcistic ways and people with blinders on, this is all we are today. Super Sad!!! I will sign your petition 4sure. GOD….DOG! A little prayer for you:

    God please have mercy on our children and direct them with kindness and love in your image that they may save our world soon before it is too late. God use this fine woman’s heart to smooth the animals hearts that she touches as they live in the squaller of a world confused and mislead by the greed and self absorbed directions of a ruling class so disfunctional. God help us to continue owning the Earth and create a world fit for you. AMEN!

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