Cat Rescue – Making The World A Better “Feline” Place

SCARS is basically a “newborn” charity. It’s founding only dates back a year and a half ago, and it’s composed by all sorts of people – from veterans, like the “golden girls”, who have fostered and rehomed more than 1000 animals in the past 10 years, to “newbies” who just adopted one of our rescue cats and ended up being…like us.

I am a dog rescuer – you all know that I guess, so SCARS for me is like going to school. I learn about cats every day, and I am learning form he best. There is one thing that never stops surprising me about cats, and that’s their dignity. No matter how sick, abused or starved they are, they never lose their dignity. Never.

The work we do here would not be possible without the help of our amazing supporters. Huge thanks to Frieden für Pfoten, for everything!

If you wish to adopt a SCARS cat, you can visit their adoption albums in our website or Facebook page. Donations are always welcome (PayPal: [email protected]).



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