Cat Rescued After Being Shot With A Spear Gun

I came across this yesterday and I just had to share it. Animal abuse cases in Greece are an everyday thing, and today I had to choose among a female stray that was set on fire, a puppy thrown down a 10 meter deep well and a number of stray dogs rescued on the brink of death.

So I chose this cat for today. Why? I am not sure. But since I came across this post yesterday, I simply can’t get it out of my mind. The image of that poor cat, who did nothing wrong apart from being born a cat, hanging there in agony, with her guts penetrated, unable to move and help herself has been haunting me.


Since yesterday I feel like punching someone, I feel like screaming until I’m out of breath, I feel like digging a hole and hiding from the world. Instead, I am just blogging about it – it’s the least I can do so…


In a village near the town of Karditsa, a man passing by this house spotted this cat, trapped inside an improvised cage, pierced with a spear gun that penetrated  through and through. The wedged spear prevented her from moving, so she was just…hanging there. Just hanging.


The local animal charity was informed, and rushed to the scene, along with the vet, who managed to remove her from the cage with the use of a sedative. She was then transferred to the clinic, the spear was removed and she is now recovering, although still in a state of shock. The perpetrator was found guilty by the court and was given a 5,000 euro fine and a one year suspended sentence.


Now why has this particular incident kept me sleepless for nights? I’m not sure. Maybe because it’s just too much. Maybe there is even a limit to abuse. Neglect? It happens, and I know it happens. Beating? It happens. But piercing an animal, any animal, and watch hanging there, in agony and pain, for hours or even days, suffering until it dies an agonizing death? This is sadism. And sadists are a danger to society, not only to animals.


I am not going to share here the thoughts I have had about what would the right punishment be for the man who did this, because I may sound as much of a sadist as he is. So I am only asking you to help the local rescuers, if possible. What they do is based entirely on volunteer work, and they struggle to make ends meet and to keep their sanity in a place where things like this happen every day. You check the original link here.

Donations: “Diasozo”

Bank account number: 6244 1391 89068

IBAN: GR 11 0171 2440 0062 4413 9189 068


PAYPAL: [email protected]




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