A Cat’s Nine Lives – Las Siete Vidas De Un Gato

I’m not sure what’s with the myth about a cat’s nine lives – or seven, like we say in Greek and apparently in Spanish. But the truth is one, and this video that someone recommended makes it more clear than ever.

It is very difficult for any creator to make its audience laugh and cry, within only a few minutes. The video is in Spanish, but even if you don’t speak the language, the animation will help you understand the story. It’s the story of almost every cat, in seven lives – the seventh being the story of my Cinnamon and the most devastating of all for me.

The bottom line is one, as Patukos, the animated cat says it in the end:

‘For you, we are “something”, merchandise, a toy, fun. But you know what? I am not “something”, I am “someone” (…) and of course, I only have one life. A life that I love because it’s my life, my fuckin’ life. My only life”.



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