Chained For Life – Just Another Barrel Dog Looking For A Home

Chained for life- this is how many (too many) dogs spend their entire lives in Greece. Can you imagine being chained for 10-15 years? Never exercising, never running free, never being petted, never knowing how grass feels underneath your paws?

This is just another barrel dog, living somewhere in rural Greece. If you are wondering what a barrel dog is, well, it exactly what it sounds: a dog chained next to a barrel (or a self-made dog house) in the middle of nowhere.

this is how many dogs spend their entire lives in Greece

The Greek Law (4039/2012) clearly forbids this kind of treatment, yet many dog owners continue this horrible practice and using barrel dogs as ‘living scarecrows’ (meant to scare away the wandering herds of sheep, goats or wild animals off plantations, farms, properties.

The Greek Law  clearly forbids this kind of treatment

This young dog was “discovered” by the local charity of Karditsa yesterday. He lives chained, in this cage. His bed is a dirty, rusty barrel. He has never been walked, never smelled the grass, never knew what company is. He spends the entire day alone, in the middle of nowhere.

Καρδίτσα 22-4-2017Αυτό το άτυχο σκυλάκι, αρσενικό περίπου 1 χρονών, ζει μόνιμα σε αυτό το κλουβί και δεμένο. Από μωράκι δεν βγήκε ποτέ έξω από αυτό το κλουβί. Είναι θλιβερό. Θα πάρουμε εννοείται το σκυλάκι αλλά ζητάμε την δική σας βοήθεια για φιλοξενία η ακόμη καλύτερα Υιοθεσια. Είναι πολύ φιλικό σκυλί. Επίσης αν κάποιος θα ήθελε να βοηθήσει οικονομικά να κάνουμε εξετάσεις αίματος/εμβόλια/αποπαρασιτωση/στείρωση. Παρακαλώ Κοινοποιείστε να βοηθήσουμε όλοι μαζί αυτό το πλάσμα να μπορέσει να περπατήσει στο χορτάρι, να δει τον έξω κόσμο, να ζήσει!!!!Σωματείο ''Διασώζω"Αρ. Πρ. 16/2016Τράπεζα ΠειραιώςΌνομα δικαιούχου : ΔιασώζωΑρ. Λογ. 6244 1391 89068IBAN : GR 11 0171 2440 0062 4413 9189 068BIC : PIRBGRAAPAYPAL : Greekanimalrescuer@gmail.comKarditsa-Greece 22-4-2017This male dog lived all his small life in this Cage and tied with chain !!! Is about 1 years old and never walked out of this Cage.NEVER!!! Don't know how it is to walk on the grass!!! Don't know what company is!!! We will take this dog out of this misery but we need your help. Will need foster or even better adoption.. is a very kind dog !!! Also will need blood test/deworming/vaccinations/Neuter..Please help us to help this poor dog.. Association '' Rescue – Diasozo" Court num. 16/2016Piraeus BankBeneficiary Name: '' Rescue – Diasozo "No. Acc. 6244 1391 89 068IBAN: GR 11 0171 2440 0062 4413 9189 068BIC: PIRBGRAAPAYPAL:

Posted by Ermioni Giannakou on Saturday, April 22, 2017

He is a friendly, sweet boy, desperate for…everything, everything he hasn’t experienced before. He will be removed from there, but a foster home or – preferably- a permanent home is needed. Greek charities, especially the ones in rural Greece, take on more dogs than they can actually handle, and sometimes, there is literally no room for just one more.

a foster home or – preferably- a permanent home is needed

If you wish to foster or adopt this sweet soul, you can contact its rescuer here. For donations: Association ” Rescue – Diasozo”  (Court num. 16/2016) / Piraeus Bank / Beneficiary Name: ” Rescue – Diasozo ” No. Acc. 6244 1391 89 068 / IBAN: GR 11 0171 2440 0062 4413 9189 068
BIC: PIRBGRAA / PAYPAL: [email protected]



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