Chocolate – What It Can Do To A Dog

Chocolate is not a dog’s best friend – we all know that. In fact it can be a dog’s worst enemy and the consequences of consuming even a tiny bit of chocolate can even result fatal for our best friends.

I’m not going to get into details about the dangers of chocolate – I know there must be about a zillion articles on the topic. I am only going to share my personal experience – and trust me, it is shareable.

It was September, 2013, the day after my birthday that I had celebrated with a very special friend – just the two of us, the dogs and the chocolate cake she had made. We had two pieces, and the rest stayed in the kitchen counter – at least for half the night.

Apollo ate it. He ate the entire cake. It was my fault, I know. But I only had him for a couple of months, and I just hadn’t realized how tall he is. Judging from Laura, my tiny, short Frenchie that can’t even reach the coffee table, I just thought that food on the kitchen counter would be safe.

And what comes next is Apollo’s “journey” after the consumption of the chocolate cake, that lasted three whole days – three long, painful and (in retrospect) funny days.

Chocolate side effects – Day 1

Apollo is on speed, or on ecstasy, or cocaine. He spends 24 hours not sitting down for longer than three minutes. He runs up and down the house, wants to play, chase the ball, go outside, come back inside, play again, bark, roll over. He is in a party of his own, probably listening to house music in his head and behaves as if he is the life of the party for the entire day.

Chocolate side effects – Day 2

Apollo wakes up depressed. Severely depressed. He looks like he has been abused and every time we approach, he acts like we are about to hit him and hides in the fireplace and under the desk. At noon he starts acting even more weird. While we talk to him, he doesn’t look at us, but around us. He sees things. He looks around the house too seeing things that are not there. While I am face to face with him, the way he looks around me and over my head makes me realize that he is seeing two or three of me at the same time, or that he is seeing fireballs come out of my mouth and huge wings where my arms are. Even our voices sound different to him, he doesn’t recognize us, our faces, the house. He finally goes to sleep – he was the only one who slept that night.

Chocolate side effects – Day 3

Apollo wakes up and he is himself again. And himself vomits and poops all day long, finally getting rid of the chocolate poisoning his body. All day.

This was Apollo’s three day chocolate “trip”. We can now laugh about it because he survived. He was lucky enough not to have his liver or kidneys affected, and got over it with a simple diet and some kisses on the snout.

Since then, we do our best to keep him away from chocolate. He sees it, smells it, loves it. He is a chocoholic. We have a bunch of jokes about his addiction, like “he has been clean for four years now” etc. But it could have killed him, and that kind of freaks me out. So I always laugh when I remember those days, and then I go and hug him tight, letting him sniff some chocolate I just ate by breathing in his mouth (is that bad?)

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