Christmas At Home For “The Dog Than No One Would Adopt”

Christmas makes excellent stories and it’s just the perfect atmosphere for “aww” photos of dogs posing near the tree – apart from “puppy surprises” and kids opening a present to find a puppy inside, I HATE THOSE!

When Christmas photos comes from our rescues’ first Christmas at home, it’s just too..too.. (can’t find the words…). It’s not that dogs really care about Christmas, in fact they don’t give a damn. For a happy pet dog, Christmas is all year long. But we care, and we want to see them pose next to that Christmas tree. It is just the ultimate image of a happily adopted baby.

Sofi at the shelter, in October 2015.

The photos of this particular dog posing for a Christmas photo with her family were just too… (oh, what’s wrong with me today?). Sofi was rescued by Save a Greek Stray more than a year ago. Black, medium, mix and average looking (for most people anyway), she also suffered from some kind of neurological problem, maybe caused by distemper, that made her walk funny, lose her balance and fall.

At the shelter with Marcia, the day the met for the first time

Sofi screamed NOT ADOPTABLE for miles away. And while most people will go for a purebred, white, healthy, fluffy puppy, this family from Holland picked Sofi. A short video of her bouncing around the shelter was shown to the kids as a Christmas present, and they loved the new member of their family. One of them said that “she looks like she’s dancing”, and a couple of months later Sofi flew to Holland.

This will be her first Christmas at home. She went from being a nobody to somebody so important, so loved and cared for, that even the most pessimistic of us all can’t help but realize that there is no such thing as a non adoptable dog. It’s just that the right family has not been found yet, but we have to keep trying.


Sofi’s family sent us this Christmas postcard, and we can’t have enough of looking at it. That happy, smiling black dog in the middle is her, our dancer. And the future of humanity is in the hands of these three kids, who know better than most of us what choosing a lifetime companion is really about.




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