Christmas Morning For A Dog Rescuer

Christmas is the day when everything stops – you take a break, relax, visit the family, eat until you can’t move. It is everyone’s day off. But rescuers don’t get a day off, simply because there is no one around to do the job for you.

My pack of four – Laura, Apollo, Pela and my foster girl, Malua.

But it’s not just about the “job” than needs to be done. Christmas, like any holiday, is the day when you get to spend more time with the animals – and if it’s a good day, like it was this year well, every other winter day is a good day here in Greece), you wanna spend at least a part of it with the dogs.

Elizabeth and her pack: Phoebos, Phoebe, and her foster girl Joy.

So this Christmas morning, three rescuers and eight rescue dogs met at the beach. It was one of those beautiful sunny winter days, and we practically had the entire beach all to ourselves (a dog’s kind of beach!).
It wasn’t anything that special. It was just an hour on the beach, before the three of us met family and friends for the Christmas feast. But, then again, it was special. It was special in that calm, cute, dog way. They had fun, and when they have fun, so do we.

Zaira and her foster dog, Sifis.

Dogs could care less about Christmas, holidays, birthdays etc. What they love is what they know. So they love a long walk on the beach, the love to dig up and play with the waves, and then they love to get back home and enjoy a feast – for them, lunch is a feast every single day.

I am mainly posting this to remember that day. It was a good one. For them it was one hour of fun, when we got to talk about them, laugh at them and watch how they behaved altogether and how they were taking turn, peeing on that poor log over and over again.

One of the hundreds of selfies form that day.

For us it was fun because we rarely get leisure time to spend with each other, just sitting around laughing. We mainly meet at vet clinics and pet stores, or during rescues – the latter could not be called “leisure time” for no reason. And it was also fun to be looked at like something weirdly beautiful by people passing by. That was more than fun actually.

Picture taken by an admirer 😛

Merry Christmas!! (or Happy Holiday or however you want to call it!)

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