Why And How To Crate Train Your Dog

This video was not really scheduled for now, although I was planning on making one in the future. But I always get influenced by things happening to my life, so there, this is me trying to control my anger (was it obvious?).

I recently had a horrible experience with a fosterer who took in one of MY rescued dogs, and thought it was a good idea to shove the poor thing in a crate in a spare room, and leave him there crying all night long. Really? (Now I am getting angry again…). Of course he was removed from there, but the problem remains, and crates unfortunately can be used in a very wrong way, even by people who love their dogs but have been following all the wrong advice. I am not a trainer, but like all rescuers, I have to know certain things. Apart from any health issues that we treat our rescues for, we also have to “cure” them mentally and psychologically, and this is a far bigger challenge. Personally I do not crate my dogs, but I have crate trained some fosters, because they really needed it – one of them was Christie, you can watch her story here.

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