The Dog That Didn’t Belong There

There are so many stray, abandoned and neglected dogs in Mani, where Bonnie comes from, that we went there with our hearts in our stomachs, just for one, to document the situation and to help the girls at the local charity.

We left many dogs behind, including the two young dogs that were there with her, who were too fearful and were impossible to catch, since we were at a very restricted time schedule. The two of them live in the nearby village now and are being taken care of by the local volunteers.

The stray dogs there come and go. The ones you meet today will not be there tomorrow, they simply won’t. They are poisoned, ran over or even shot. This is the reality of that area. The local charity cares for 200 dogs in total, and new dogs keep being abandoned every day. More than they can rescue, more than they can rehome, more than you can imagine.

Bonnie spent the first years of her life in that cruel place, in the dirt, feeding off left overs and giving birth to puppies that we probably dumped in the trash – the most common method of population control. She never lost her elegance and her refined manners, and since the first moment I brought her home, it was is if she knew exactly what to do and how to behave. My little princess is a clean, social, happy and funny dog. She is still young, healthy, spayed and loves everything and everyone. She loves unconditionally and she is a keeper. I mean that (and I rarely say it for my rescues). If you wish to adopt her please email me ([email protected]) or message me on facebook.

The charity that never ever says no to all the dogs I keep bringing back from the Greek countryside is SCARS. You can donate a small amount if you wish and help us rescue more dogs like Bonnie.



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  1. Dear Valia, I sent a reply regarding my hope of being able to adopt Bonnie. Is it possible to do that outside of Greece ? I live in Reno, Nevada USA. If you send me an email I will respond. Thank you for your kindness and love for the animals. You’re a very special angel.

    Rochelle Smith

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