Dog Left To Drown In River Is Now A Happy Boy

Dog disposal in Greece comes in many forms. You can shoot it, hang it, or shove it in a bag and let it drown in a river or the sea. This is not an exaggeration and yes, it happens more often than you can imagine, especially in rural Greece.


On  January 29 2017, a volunteer received an anonymous call (those people never have a name) about a dog struggling to stay afloat in the river Mornos, next to Nafpactos (Nafpactos is Lepanto for the non Greeks, and it is where Don Quixote lost his arm in a battle).


What she thought was just a stray dog that had accidentally drifted away, was one of the worst (and sadly most typical) cases of animal abuse. So, that morning, someone had taken the dog, tied his back legs with wire, shoved him in a sack and left him in the middle of the river to drown in agony.


The dog was removed by the volunteer, with the help of a firefighter, and was taken to a clinic. He suffered from hypothermia, he was in shock and trembled at the presence of people around him – who can blame him for that?  The charity named him River  and offered a 500 euro reward to anyone who would come forward with information about his abuse.

It took River  a while to get used to human presence around him and trust people again. Nefeli, a rescue puppy, has been his companion, holding his hand along the way. Nefeli’s happiness seems to be “contagious” and River’s rescue mum believes that this is what helped him recover so fast.


River was treated for heartworm and today he is healthy, happy and ready for his forever home.  He is in a foster home, living with Nefeli. and enjoying  his walks and rolling in the grass.

River and Nefeli

Both River and Nefeli are  looking for their forever homes. If you wish to adopt one (or both) of them, you can contact the charity’s Facebook page here.




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