Dog About To Be Dumped In The Garbage Truck Alive Is Rescued – What Happened Next Is Worse

Dog rescue…ahhh…if you are into dog rescue you see everything, you see the best and the worst of humanity, you go into people’s homes, spend time at police stations, courts the streets, you talk and talk to random people on the street and generally, you have a pretty good picture of the society you live in.

I usually comment a lot on the stories I share, but this particular one is so unique, that I don’t even need to write an entire, boring post about it. I’ll just give you the facts, in chronological order, and once you are done reading, you’ll know what I mean.


  1. A stray dog is hit by a car (and abandoned of course) in Aspropyrgos -suburb of Athens, where the oil refineries are and a hellhole full of strays – when I say full, I mean full.

  2. The dog spends entire days and nights in pain without ever getting any help from anyone.

  3. A garbage collector (municipality employee) spots him while on the job, picks him up and is about to throw him in the truck (where the rest of the garbage goes, you know) while the dog IS STILL ALIVE.

  4. A volunteer sees him, stops him and confronts him.

  5. The employee responds: “But look at it, it is about to die. What am I supposed to do with it?”

  6. The volunteer takes the dog and runs to the vet clinic that collaborates with the municipality. (Some municipalities have what is called “a program” = they have a budget to spend on strays, they find a collaborating vet clinic, and stray dog cases are treated there, supposedly)

  7. The vet DENIES ACCESS to the bleeding, moribund dog. His excuse: “I have no time to spend on strays. Take him out of here, I’m gonna lose customers”

  8. The volunteer takes the dog to another clinic, where he is now recovering from humanity.


(do you see what I meant by “you’ll see what I mean”?)

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