Dog Found Hanged In Front Of Elementary School In Greece

This is not the first time this happens here, and it won’t be the last. Hanged dogs are a common thing, and the one and only reason I do not share these stories so often here is because it will ruin your day for no reason.

This particular dog was found yesterday, Monday the 17th 2018, hanged from a tree in front of an elementary school in Kato Ahaia, in Peloponese, Greece. The first saw it when they came out to the school’s patio, can you imagine that?


By the time it was removed from there, terrified 6 year olds were crying and screaming. How educational huh? Coming face to face with the society you will be part of when you grow up…


The dog’s body was already decaying, so it was probably killed elsewhere and hanged there while already dead. What for? Who knows?


Hanged dogs are often used as warnings for territorial conflicts, especially in rural Greece and the outskirts of Athens. Others are hanged because of pure sadism. A few months back a volunteer witnessed a bunch of Gypsy kids in a reservation camp dragging an unconscious dog from a rope tied around its neck. It was their idea of having fun.


I think I’ve said that before, we lack many things here, but we definitely do not lack originality. Not because we are more sadistic that the rest of our species, but because it’s easy to get hold of animals here. The strays are so many, that anyone can torture, kill or mutilate a dogs or cat whenever they feel like it.


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