The Dog I Left Behind

There are more than a million stray dogs in Greece. Most of them are young dogs, abandoned as puppies, that barely last a year on the streets.

The ones you meet today will simply not be there the next month, but there will be new dogs, dogs that were just abandoned and are literally on death row, living on borrowed time, until they are poisoned. In the village where Bozo was, there were about 20 more strays. All young dogs, all males (the locals tend to keep the bitches for breeding and abandon the males), all in need.

When you live here, you know for a fact that it’s impossible to save everyone. But Bozo was too human centered to leave behind. Those three weeks that I was always I never stopped thinking about him, and I went back with my heart in my stomach, hoping that he was still alive and well.

Basically, he is still a baby, and he grew up here with me. If you look closely, you can see how much he has grown since that first video of him in the village. He always reminded me of Blue, since the first moment. The way he sits next to you while you pet him is as if he knows he is there to do you good.

He is therapeutic, I truly believe it. He has been therapeutic to me, and keeps putting a huge smile on my face every time I am next to him. He never belonged on the streets, and he is never going back there. He belongs in a home, with people that will adore him unconditionally. Please share and help my baby find a home.

To adopt him, you can email me directly at: [email protected] or message me on Facebook.

You can help SCARS, the charity that never says no to any of the rescues I bring back from the countryside, and keeps supporting my rural dogs by donating a small amount via PayPal or bank account: Eurobank / Swift: ERBKGRAA / IBAN: GR5302601420000900200479872
PayPal:[email protected]

Follow the charity’s work on their Facebook page.

*** Panagiotis, I can’t thank you enough, so… ehhm…you know.



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