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A Dog Named Monty – Story Of A Lone Wolf

Monty was rescue about a year and a half ago. Save a Greek Stray was notified about a very sick stray dog, living in a sewer drain somewhere in teh outskirts of Athens.

He was feral and aggressive, and he had never been around people before in his life. He was caught with the help on an anesthetic, but despite that, he kept fighting until the last minute. He suffered from an old fracture in his hind leg, leishmaniasis, mange and his body was covered in ticks and fleas. He made a full recovery, but remained untamed for too long. Everyone who tried failed, volunteers, trainers.

dog training
Monty and his trainer, Alexandros

Everyone. I never tried to tell you the truth, I think I was afraid I would fail. When Alexandros, his trainer started working with him, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But he did manage to finally get Monty out of that kennel. Life in the shelter will not help Monty progress much more. He might get a bit better, but basically this is it for him. But impossible is nothing. We have seen it before, miracles happen, like it happened with Shadow who was just like him.

If you wish to give Monty a chance and offer him a home, please email Save a Greek Stray at: [email protected] or message the charity’s Facebook page.



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