Dog Survives To Tell Her Story In A Way That Will Make You Laugh

This girl is simply one of a kind. It’s as if she personifies everything we are trying to explain about the huge dogs, the misunderstood, the lazy, the sleeping Buddhas that lay in a corner and simply exist just to make the environment look nicer and to make you smile.


It’s as if her purpose in life is to prove that the bigger the dog, the quieter it is. Nala exists to make you smile, to lay on your feet and snore while you pet her.


She loves to have her neck rubbed, her ears and her belly. She sits there while we brush her and cuddle her for hours. The only thing she does to make you realize that she is there is to poke you with her paw if you stop petting.


She is a very tender and lazy dogs, trapped in the body of a bear. No matter how much we enjoy her presence, we don’t want to have her around at the shelter. She deserves better. Nala has a very sad story behind.


The photos from when she was rescued tell it all. Can you imagine this beautiful, majestic dog ending up like this? Looking at her now though makes you forget everything. Nala helps you forget. She has this attitude towards like and this spirit… This carefree, laid back spirit. And this affection and trust and submission. She is huge, she is amazing and she will make you smile every single day just by looking at her.

To adopt her please email Save a Greek Stray at: [email protected] or message their facebook page. For any information on her, or any of the shelter’s dogs, I am always here, so feel free to contact me at: [email protected]

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