Dog Wandering For Days With Embeded Wire Cutting Through Her Belly

Dog abuse in Greece is probably hardwired into our genes – I don’t know how I can explain it any other way.  Embedded wires in necks, tails and even bellies of dogs and cats is so often, that my usual reaction when seeing on of these posts is: “oh, there’s another one”

After Mara, the tiny dog that was wandering in a village of Karditsa with  her jaw broken and literally handing for 15 days, the local charity “Diasozo” (Greek for rescue) rescued this poor little girl.


With embedded wire tied to her belly, and literally splitting her in two and scared to death, she was wandering in that condition for 10 days. The rescuers were looking for her for two days and they finally managed to catch her using tranquilizers, because she wouldn’t be approached.


She was not born a stray. She used to have an owner, who died and so she ended up on the streets. And this is what the streets will do to  a stray dog. The wire around her was probably someone’s twisted idea of having fun – there  isn’t much to do in rural Greece anyway, so I guess people are bored and come up with stuff like that to to amuse themselves…


She suffers from ehrlichia and dirofilaria, and the charity will do everything they can to turn her into a happy and healthy dog once again.


You can help by donating:

Association ” Rescue – Diasozo” / Court num. 16/2016
Piraeus Bank
Beneficiary Name: ” Rescue – Diasozo ”
No. Acc. 6244 1391 89 068
IBAN: GR 11 0171 2440 0062 4413 9189 068 / BIC: PIRBGRAA
PAYPAL: [email protected]
You can visit her entire album here.



3 thoughts on “Dog Wandering For Days With Embeded Wire Cutting Through Her Belly”

  1. Valia, although I am looking forward to my visits, I will undoubtedly visit with a different eye than the normal tourist. Greece has a lot to offer: culture, great beaches, scenic little villages, yummy food. The “normal” tourist will stay one to two weeks and go home happy and satisfied. Maybe they noticed a stray or two, poor dogs. Not one of them will write about the horrors these dogs endure when reporting about their holiday on the countless booking sites, will they? Most of them don’t suspect it, I guess.
    And that is my biggest ache at the moment, the one that hurts the most: the oblivion of the tourists. In my mail to the mayor of Nafpaktos I indirectly (well, actually it was direct) threatened him with publishing the latest news about animal cruelty. Well, I don’t use Snapchat, don’t twitter and only recently have I become active on Facebook. Oh, I did register on Instagram, only to be able to view your pictures. Anyway, I have reached a state of feeling so helpless, it’s driving me crazy!!
    I envision volunteers at these beaches distributing pamphlets about all the cruelty going on. Pictures of hanged, drowned, poisoned, chained, shot dogs. Informing all those tourists about how the municipalities handle animal welfare. Anything really drastic. Be a real nuisance about it. You know all this bright advertising in airports? How would people react to such a picture? Of course it will not interest all but maybe, just maybe, the government will do something really useful and start to DO something that remotely resembles a humane approach towards animals. Would the mayor of Nafpaktos like it if the word was spread about how the citizens of his city treat the animals? Directly at taverns and cafés and beaches? Which mayor would like it?
    Am I naive, Valia?

    1. No, you are not naive. The problem is that volunteers never have the time to do that – when they have to feed and care for dozens of dogs, they just come back home exhausted and maybe post a photo or two on Facebook.

      1. I read an article yesterday, and even though I was so naive to think that what I have learned by now couldn’t get any worse, it did. Bulgaria. The sickening, disgusting, horrible ritual they “celebrate” with the dogs is more than repulsive, it’s downright sociopathic. Damn the whole country!!!
        I can’t even start to describe what they do with the dogs, it’s pure torture. And all because this ritual holds rabies at bay!!!! It’s supposed to be good for their health!!
        We are living in the 21st century, not in medieval times, for ### sake!!
        Let’s all chip in, every one of us, and buy an island (or a whole continent) to give all the unwanted, unloved dogs a safe place to live!!

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