The Dog That Won’t Heal – Is Beauty Only Skin Deep?

Markos was rescued almost three years ago, and I have been waiting and waiting for him to heal so that I can finally tell his story. Well, I couldn’t wait any longer.

Markos will simply not heal, this is who he is and for me, he is just gorgeous. I was there when he was first brought to the shelter. The girls had rescued him from that warehouse where he had found refuge for a while.

I remember the first time I saw him as if it is today. He was stunning. Even with his hair missing and his matted fur, he was just stunning and looked so calm and confident. Confident for who he was and for what he was.

Save a Greek Stray is one of the shelters that has a huge experience with treating dogs that are rescued on the brink of death, bringing them back to life within weeks. We thought that this would be the case with Markos – in fact, we couldn’t wait to see his fur grow back -but we were wrong. Markos didn’t suffer from mange, didn’t suffer from any of the typical Mediterranean diseases like leishmaniasis or ehrlichia, doesn’t have thyroid, doesn’t have Cushing’s, doesn’t have anything that justifies the condition of his skin.

It’s just a simply dermatitis that won’t go away. It makes his skin smell, and the hairless patches need to be cleaned regularly because they can easily get infected. Other than that, he is one healthy dog. He has had every single test possible, and the results always come back surprisingly good, as if blood was taken from a six month old puppy.

He has even had homeopathic treatment, which did improve his condition, but did not cure it. His fur needs to remain short in order to prevent infections and regular therapeutic baths are necessary. That’s all really. So, this is a healthy, social, loving and obedient dog, and that is all it takes to make him adoptable and nothing else. Will his skin heal if he is adopted? Maybe. Things like these happen, but don’t count on it. Don’t adopt him to cure him, adopt him for who he is. An excellent, easy going, kind dog.

This is the first time Markos is being promoted for adoption, so you won’t find him on the charity’s website. I might be too optimistic, I might be pushing things too much, but I believe in him and I just needed to do it. For adoptions please email Save a Greek Stray at: [email protected] or message the shelter’s facebook page.

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