If My Dogs Were High School Students

This video didn’t really start as a video. We were just joking one day with some friends, trying to imagine what kind of students they would be, if they were in high school.

The ideas kept flowing, one thing led to another, and there we were having made up an entire series with the main characters, and extras, and stories about them, and their background etc. In a way, dogs are always in school.

The high school bullies that will steal your lunch

They do have their own personalities, but they keep learning new things every day. With every new foster dog I have, new stories come up, new episodes. Everyone learns, including me, everyone interacts with each other, one was or the other, and everyone sticks to their own personality, trying to fit in with the rest, and with the new conditions – except Laura, she never changes. I am pretty convinced that even if I bring an elephant into the house one day, she won’t even budge.



Anyway, this video was just for laughs – I needed it this week, maybe you did to, I don’t know. If you are looking for a deeper meaning, maybe it’s that all dogs are unique. Once you get to know them, live with them and share experiences with them, you realize that each one is unique and so special. With their flaws, and their personalities, and their funny moments, the are who they are.

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