Donkeys In Greece Have A Place To Prove Their Awesomeness

Donkeys are awesome, and what’s awesome about them is that they don’t brag about their awesomeness. They are just there, modest, adorable and serene, waiting for you to get to know them better- and once you do, you will fall in love, like I did.

In a country like Greece, where donkey’s are either considered an “old school” useless tool, replaced by all terrain cars and basically going extinct, or being exploited for profit, and serving as a tourist attraction, Donkey’s World is like a an oasis in the desert. The amazing couple that built it can explain much better what it  is about, so I will only tell you what I thought of them two. They are determined, dedicated and very serious about what they do. They love their donkeys (all nine of them) but most of all, they respect and care for them daily, but most important of all, they know them. They watch their animals daily, they spend time with them and they know each and everyone’s character – and all nine are quite different. I am more than proud to have met them and they deserve all the support they can get. You can follow their Facebook page here.




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