Driver Runs Over Stray Dog And Then Dumps Him In A Garbage Bin While Still Alive

Did the title freak you out? Did you click on the blog wishing that it was just an exaggeration or a click bait technique? Well, it wasn’t . The title is as precise as possible and the story is as creepy and ridiculous as you can imagine.

On May 16 a man was walking his dog near the hospital of Argostoli, in the island of Kefallonia. The dog suddenly started barking and pulling him towards the direction of a garbage bin, right outside the hospital. They approached, and as the man took a look inside, he saw this small dog among the garbage, severely injured.

The poor dog was in such terrible condition, that he had completely given up. The man called the police and together they managed to pull the dog out of the garbage bin. The local charity was called and volunteers arrived at the scene and collected the dog.

Everyone was in shock, the dog was moaning and the evidence pointed to the unthinkable: someone had ran him over – maybe it was done deliberately, maybe it was just an accident. After the crash, he got out of the car, picked him up and threw him in the garbage bin, leaving him to die among the trash or to be crashed by the garbage truck a few hours later.

After that, the perpetrator went back home, he was served dinner by his wife, told her he had a difficult day, watched TV and went to bed; ok, that’s just a theory, but given the fact that there are no serial killers roaming free in the island, the guy responsible for all of the above is clearly…one of us, it’s someone’s neighbor, someone’s husband, someone’s father…

The dog was taken to the local clinic, and he will remain in the infirmary until (and if) he recovers. He suffers from a skull fracture and hematomas, but luckily there is no evidence of brain damage. He is being fed with a syringe, he is on antibiotics and painkillers and he is already doing better.

The charity is asking anyone who know anything about the incident to contact them or the police. For updates on the dog please follow the charity’s Facebook group (a description in English follows all posts).



5 thoughts on “Driver Runs Over Stray Dog And Then Dumps Him In A Garbage Bin While Still Alive”

    1. He is recovering!! He is already doing better!! His name is Sotiris – the name of the man who found him in the garbage bin

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