Elderly Cat Abandoned At 17 Is Given A Home To Spend Her Final Years

Elderly cats, like elderly dogs (and people) need all the love and support they can get. Sometimes, apart from various health issues, ageing can increase their anxiety and tendency to react aggressively. It can also change their social relationships with their owner and other pets in the house. Cinnamon is one very old cat. In fact, she is 17 years old and was thrown out of her home a few months ago. Imagine having to deal with ageing, health deterioration and a new environment.


Cinnamon used to have a home. She spent seventeen years there – and seventeen years is a long time for a cat. Her owners, an elderly couple, died a few months apart from each other, and Cinnamon was left in the “care” of relatives whose only concern was how to get rid of her and sell the apartment.


After being chased around in the house for days by strangers, Cinnamon was finally captured by a SCARS volunteer and was removed from her “home”. And she is angry for that. She’s angry at people, at life. She is angry at everything she doesn’t recognize. I don’t know if she was one of those cats that are never trusting or if it’s the confusion of the past months of her life that made her this way, but she is one sad thing to look at.


At first she couldn’t be approached. At all. After a few weeks she started accepting the human presence in the room and will even let you come close. But touching is out of the question. And that is heartbreaking. All we want to do is comfort her but she won’t let us.


Cinnamon will be spending the time she has left in a foster home. She has a clean room, a warm bed, good food and all the medical support she needs. She suffers from pancreatic cancer which is what probably causes the alopecia (loss of hair). Despite her old age and her temper, Cinnamon is a very easy going cat. Very quiet and very clean – her litter box is the cleanest we have ever seen.


Volunteers try to spend as much time as possible with her, but human company does not comfort her. On the contrary, it makes her nervous. She has this grumpy look on her face and she suffers every time she is approached. Lately she started mewing friendly when a volunteer she is familiar with enters her room. Maybe she has the potential of becoming a loving and tender cat one day, but time is not on her side, and that breaks our hearts.


I wish Cinnamon lives long enough to trust again. The saddest thing is having her die angry, confused and betrayed. And for the relatives that could not get rid of her fast enough, I wish they never get to experience what Cinnamon did when they are old and grey.

SCARS is based on volunteer work and donations alone. If you wish to help the charity, you can donate via PayPal at: [email protected] For updates on her condition you can follow the charity’s Facebook page.




27 thoughts on “Elderly Cat Abandoned At 17 Is Given A Home To Spend Her Final Years”

  1. my Josie is only 11 yrs old but my health is very bad.
    so i have an email daily check with a friend if
    she doesn’t hear from me she is to call and if i dont answer she is to come and get Josie but they have
    three dogs and are not really cat people. but they love
    all animals so i know they will find her a good home.

    i have an automatic feeder and auto water system
    so she doesn’t starve or go thirsty in case they are away.
    i have notice on doors and window to let people know
    she is inside and letter pinned to front door to let them
    know everything about her so they can find a good
    loving home who understand her and love her anyway…
    lol for she is a crazy little terror at times but so full
    of love for me although she doesn’t give to others
    please don’t count on relatives they are usually a

  2. Thank you for helping her! So glad that she’s come around. She has suffered enough and so glad that she has settled. She is my heroine! Love ya princess!

  3. Ο Θεός να σε ευλογεί που κάνεις τη δουλειά του. You are to be blessed for saving this beautiful cat’s life and giving her some basic dignity in her old age. Love and peace.

  4. Hi,
    I would like to know how it goes to Cinnamon?
    I hope still well, I wish her so much love
    Thanks for Your heart Valia.

    1. Hello! Cinnamon is fine! She is still with us. The vet had given her a couple of months to live back in June 2016, but she is still here and well, against all odds!

  5. Just saw your video on YouTube about Cinnamon. What a beautiful, bittersweet story. I hope she is still doing okay. She was very blessed to be taken in by someone so patient who didn’t expect anything from her.

    1. Thank you! She is doing fine!! She is still with us, although the vet had told us she only had tow months to live (that was back in June 2016!!)

  6. Hello and thank you for this amazing story. Cinnamon made me cry when I saw the look in her eyes, she looked angry and bitter grumpy with hate. I thank you so.much for taking care of her and having compassion and love. As a new cat mom to a beautiful kitten that I luv I could never imagine mistreating an animal. How is cinnamon doing? Please update.

    1. Hello. Cinnamon is fine! She survived more that a year against all odds! The vet had told us back in June 2016 that she only had a couple of months left, and she is still here with us!!!

  7. How is Cinnamon, is she still doing fine? I really love that beautiful story, so nice to hear that Cinnamon now has a good life again. I’ll never understand how people can react so damn bad 🙁

    1. Yes she is fine! She is now climbing chairs and tables. She was moved to a volunteer’s home and she lives there now. She is very happy! Unrecognizable!

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