Emaciated Elderly Female Pointer Abandoned On The Streets With Tumors And Pyometra

Greece’s hunting dogs are an open, bleeding wound in Animal Welfare. Shelters are packed with emaciated and sick hounds. Many of them live a life of misery and are being abandoned per hundreds every year.

Hunting dogs are never treated as pets, and most of them spend their lives chained or locked up somewhere. A couple of square meters is all they have as a living space, and that’s where their bed, toilet and entire world is.


The females are usually unluckier than the males. They are never spayed, some are used for breeding and some not, but generally pyometra or breast cancer is what kills them.


This elderly female Pointer is one of the many victims of a mentality that is decades behind. She was found abandoned in that condition, only skin and bones, with tumors and early pyometra.


The surgery was a huge risk, but the rescuers had no option. She is now in recovery, and for the first time in her life, she is being treated as a living being, not as an object.


Hopefully, she can spend the last years of her life in a new home. You can see the original post here.

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