Everyone Ignored Those Mange Puppies Until Two Tourists Finally Rescued Them

Puppies like these are so common in Greece. Abandoned as trash, born in the wrong place at the wrong time, unwanted and alone, they are usually ignored by everyone, left to die a horrible death, as if they deserved to come into this world just to suffer.


It took two English women to take interest in them and try their best to catch them and offer them the help they needed. Below is the text of their original post on facebook:


“Julie and I would like to share the events of today with you.

For the last few days we have been trying to catch 2 scared little puppies who have been surviving, I can’t describe it as living because it’s not, on the streets of a nearby village. They were clearly in a shocking state, but despite this, nobody bothered with them, because nobody cared.

This afternoon, with the help of our friends we caught them. They were terrified, they screamed and tried to bite, because not only have they never been touched with anything resembling kindness in their short little lives, they were also in terrible pain. They have no hair, their skin is hard like stone, it’s cracked and infected and so painful, the sun has burned them, they’re starving and dehydrated. Wouldn’t you bite?


When the vet looked at their teeth to try and age them, we were even more shocked, their little front teeth were broken and worn away, why? Because they’ve been gnawing on bricks and concrete because there was nothing else to eat. During the car journey to the vet clinic they were sick. The contents of their stomachs was even more heart rending, stones, gravel and cigarette ends…yes fag butts ffs!!

These 2 poor little souls are just 3 months old.

We hear this said quite often ‘why help dogs from abroad, haven’t we got enough here in the UK?’


Take a look, they don’t know borders, they don’t know language, they know no politics, they only know pain and suffering. Who the hell cares where they’re born, they’re just little babies who did nothing to deserve any of this!!

This is NOT how a defenceless puppy should begin its life! There are not enough words to describe the heartbreak and horror of seeing their suffering and hearing their cries.

They’re safe now, and with treatment and care, they can and will recover. But they need to be hospitalised for at least a month and this is where we need your help.

We desperately need to raise enough funds for their hospitalisation and convalescence once their medical treatment finishes.

If you would like to help ‘Pickle and Lillie’ on their tough journey back to health, please make a donation via PayPal to:

[email protected] (please write ref Pickle and Lillie)

(donation link here)


Thank you so so much on behalf of Pickle and Lillie ❤️❤️❤️❤️

You can view the original post about Pickle and Lillie hereStrays of Greece will be supporting their recovery.



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