Greece Fires 2018 – How To Help Animals

The wildfires this year caused a massive disaster, and the number of animals in need is huge. Please follow the links below if you wish to help animal in need in any way:

  • If you found an animal or if you lost your pet you can fill in this form, and check this list of lost and found pets.


  • Visit this list for treatment of injured animals free of charge. You can donate to the volunteer vet association here.


  • For injured wild animals, you can contact ANIMA. You can contribute financially to  ANIMA here, or you can donate items they need, like newspapers, training mats, disposable gloves, burns ointments, eye drops etc.


  • Contact details of the volunteers local to the afflicted areas here.  The items you can donate are: Augmentin (antibiotic 650), vibramicyn (antibiotic), tobrex (antibiotic eye drops), movatex, gauzes, bandages, and IV.


  • The Penny Marathon is accepting donations and their strategy with regard to the money collected is long term. Please read the charity’s post here.  Donate here.


  • To foster an injured animal, you can contact Vets4Life the clinic near the afflicted area that is treating a big number of animals.


  • You can also follow this group dedicated to pets lost or found in the fires.

The links will keep being updated in the coming days.

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